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I did it! I went to the gym before work this morning! Since I joined, I've been going to classes mostly. I hate cardio. It's SO boring to me, even with good music. But I did thirty minutes worth on the treadmill this morning, and I'm very proud of myself. I even did some sit-ups last night while I was watching tv. I decided to change two things in the next two weeks. First, five 30 minute sessions of cardio and second - making sure I eat breakfast. I will reassess the situation in two weeks and see if I can do more or just stick with these two for another two weeks. I've never been particularly fit. I've been skinny and I've been active, but never what I would consider "fit." I have to start somewhere and this is where I'm at. I was remembering other attempts at exercising and eating right, and I always did too much too fast and got frustrated too soon. I figure if I make two changes in two weeks and see how it goes, I might be more willing to stick with it. I'll keep you updated.

About psycho ex-roommate? I think I might be okay. I prayed about it alot. Asked God to remove the fear of running into her and to direct my attention to helping others and I immediately felt relief. If I just keep doing the program as it's outlined in the book and continue to go to meetings, meet with my sponsor and stay as honest as possible, I think I'll make it through this particular challenge. As with any other challenge I've come up against the last year, I have faith that it will go better if I stick with the basics of the program and make sure my side of the street stays clean. That's all good and dandy tonight, don't know what might actually happen when I run into her, but I can hope for the best and leave it at that. Worrying about seeing her is the last thing I want to keep me up at night. I've got more important things to fret about. (Like committing to going to the gym tomorrow instead of pushing snooze!)


Shania said...

Good for you! Two changes a week, huh? I might be able to do that.

GreenCanary said...

I wish you lived in Maryland. I would make you my Eternal Buddy Forever and Ever Amen.