Too Much Change

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First - I'm going on a date tonight. Someone I met through I have no idea what to think about that.

Second - I was assertive enough to e-mail the person I sent a resume to last week and got shocked with an interview tomorrow. A little nervous about that, too. I'm very comfortable (albeit bored) here. But I keep reminding myself that I'm looking for something that actually USES my skills/talents and that it's not an emergency for me to find it RIGHT NOW.

Third - after my horrible sunburn/chemical burn experience (chemical because of my medication) from last weekend, I either need to go off this medication or get some medical grade sunscreen or something. I am NOT going to stay away from the beach! I am quite adamant on that fact. But, to go off this medication that I've been on for like six years? Pretty scary. Also - not an emergency.

So, whereas my thinking is spiraling like the "Three seconds to maximum safe distance" that you hear when the spaceship is exploding? My head is telling me to calm the hell down and just do what's in front of me today - Date. Tomorrow - interview. Someday in the near future - an appointment with my doctor.

But why am I still a little panicky?


Malaise Inc said...

Most people feel nervous before a first date and most people feel nervous before a job interview. How would most people feel about a first date the night before a job interview? Pretty much like you feel right now. You are normal. Revel in that normality rather than using it as a way to question yourself.

carrster said...

Whohooo! Have fun on your date tonight. I hope it is a really good time. And good luck tomorrow on your interview! Very exciting. It's okay to feel...panicky - but just remember, deep breaths, change is scary, but good.

Details on both tomorrow?

Edge said...

I'm excited to hear about your date and interview.


Holly said...

Perfectly normal to feel panicky. I'd be worried you were dead if you didn't :)

Want to hear the details, good, bad or indifferent regarding both of your events.

GreenCanary said...

WOOOOOOOOOO! How exciting, Kate! I'd be panicked, too. But no worries! You're charming and adorable and you'll knock the socks off your date and interviewer.