Wacky Wednesday (and it wasn't even me!)

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Wow! Monday was a full moon, and after working with kids for years and years, I do believe that people's crazy behavior is affected by the pull of the moon. I'm really not joking. Anyone else notice that?

I've been feeling quite emotionally stable lately (ha!) and have enjoyed a sense of peace and a quiet mind since my Sunday afternoon explosion. But my God! I'm not the only one that's crazy around here. Everyone was crying at the meeting last night and after all was said and done, a gal whose been around recovery longer than me, asked me to be her sponsor. Ack!

Then I got a totally insane and crazy, screaming, yelling, don't you dare tell me what to do phone call from my friend's ex-boyfriend trying to explain to me why it's my fault they're not together because I "pushed" him to ask her out. Uh huh. And how he's not ACTUALLY stalking her (phoning every five minutes and showing up to her house uninvited) he just NEEDS to know what she's doing. Psycho. And I don't have any right to tell him that he's not well right now because he's been sober LONGER than me. Work the damn program already. So, I call her to let her know that I may have just pissed him off and to call the police if he comes over - he's THAT mad. Ack, again.

THEN, I call one of my guy friends to see if I can give his number to a new guy in AA for rides and he accuses me of having a "problem" calling him late at night (since I accidentally called him Tuesday night when I meant to call someone that has the same name) and I need to work on that. Oh my fricking God. Nut jobs out there yesterday.

Then I went to bed and happily dreamed of my camping trip this weekend and thanked God I was okay in the head, if only for one night. Ha! I may just be getting better!


Shania said...

Good grief! I'd better send you a teflon suit to keep the crazy off you!

carrster said...

Good Lord! Talk about a bunch of nuts!

Where're you going camping? I'm so jealous!!

Malaise Inc said...

I've noticed it. Tears were the first thing to greet me as I walked in the door from my trip.

Kate said...

I can use all the help I can get - send the teflon suits, and maybe some garlic? Carrie - we're going near Platte, SD on the river. It's supposed to rain, but I'm good with that. All the snow is gone and that's about all I can hope for this spring! Malaise? Been there. That used to be me. Welcome back home!

GreenCanary said...

I hadn't noticed any additional crazy, but being a tad crazy myself... It's hard to notice "off" behavior when one themself is "off," you know? ;-)