The Weekend in Pictures

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My first geocache find with Mom and Dad at Blue Mounds State Park

None of these children are ours; the sharing of the kids is one of the blessings I have received since getting in recovery. I may never have my own, but I get my own version of potty training and sugar overloads and melt downs. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But please make sure you see how boobylicious I am in that suit. Yikes, those babies are huge!


GreenCanary said...

Hello boobies! *making cat calls*

Stapeliad said...

LMAO at Jew Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are well!


Meigan said...

That geocache thing sounds like fun!!! Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

The pics of floating in the lake have me happy it's the weekend and now I am gonna march myself down to the pool. Not as gorgeous as the lake in your photos, but it will do the job of cooling off!