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It was a nice afternoon. We went to Phillip's Avenue Diner, which is a "down home" sort of place with burgers and milk shakes - kind of a Sioux Falls legend, then to the Old Courthouse Museum. It was casual; we walked downtown. I let him pick me up since he doesn't strike me as the psycho killer sort.... And next week, we're going for a bike ride. I think for dates, I'm doing pretty well.

Both times though, about five minutes before we get together, I am SO not interested in going. I don't want to put on that happy face and try. I don't want to be perky and conversational and I don't even really care. What is up with that? I don't understand this at all. But I go anyway, which is something that I've learned to do in sobriety. Whether I want to go to something or not, I go. And I usually have fun. So I went and I had fun. Not super fantastic fun, but just enough that it might be nice to do it again. I don't know what's going on in my head that makes me shy away at the last moment all the time, but I'm going to keep going because I don't know what to do if I don't.

There's that part of me that thinks that getting to know someone is just a hell of a lot of work and where is the one that just sweeps you off your feet and you fall instantly in love and then spend the rest of your life getting to know? Somehow that sounds easier. But I also know that easier is not always the best way. This dating thing? Painstaking. Is it supposed to be like that or am I just maybe not ready?


Meigan said...

No, you sound ready. I think dating can become kind of a chore, and I totally know what you mean about being swept off your feet etc. In fact I believe in it - DH & I were engaged 8 months after we met, but we knew it 2 weeks into dating. I think the variables all need to be in place, but it can happen! You just have to keep going, going, going - and be sure to have fun along the way!

I'm happy to hear you had a nice time.

Kristen said...

You're fine. Dating is really, really hard.

I used a lot of booze when I was dating because my nerves were just like, UGH!

I can't imagine how hard it is to do it totally sober.

Keep the faith, lady.

E said...

Dating is hard unless you have a big crush. Which you will have. Just don't settle and when the chemistry isn't there read a good book instead.
The crostada....okay, you can either make the disk flat and roll it into the pan like a pie crust or you can make balls of it and generally flatten them in the bottom basically covering the bottom and then a few more on top which you can stretch into flattish ovals so it looks very rustic. It doesn't matter. You just want bits of dough in every bite

stoogepie said...

Did you purposely leave off the part about the wild, uninhibited sex you had after the date or did I not read carefully? That's the part that makes it worthwhile.

It sounds like you're ready to me. But I agree with you: getting out of bed is overrated any day. I'm all for catered dates in bed. I would look forward to those.

That whole thing where a dude just sweeps you off your feet and you fall instantly in love and then spend the rest of your life getting to know him? That's me but I'm all the way in New York City.

Kate said...

Ummm Stooge? There will be no sex for a little while, so make it up in your head while you're reading the posts. It will be more entertaining that way. The dead guy and I had a wonderful life in the bedroom and the thought of doing it with someone else makes me somewhat ill still.

Oh, and my sister lives in NYC, so just say the word and I'll fly out to visit her.

Maybe you wouldn't make me ill.

Anonymous said...

So far, your commenters have been spot-on. Dating early on is hard work! Even when you're having fun and being yourself. You have the pressure of being "on" which is exhausting. I always dread early dates, even when I am totally into the guy, because I just know how it sucks the adrenaline right out of me! But it is worth it! Keep it up and glad you're having fun with this fella!