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I was crabby this morning. What else is new?

I spent most all of last night making lists and then lists of lists for this ten day trek that I'm undertaking. See, I can't travel without a list. And it has to be checked in triplicate or I freak out. No joke. On every single page, I have in bold and underlined - MEDICINE. Because I always forget my medicine and if I forget it, I have to do all kinds of gymnastics to get it called in by the on-call doctor to some po-dunk pharmacy in the middle of nowhere who doesn't take my insurance. It's some seriously potent stuff and when I forget to take it, I get, well - I get crazy, my head gets fuzzy, my tounge gets all zappy and my ears ring. Yeah. This medicine fixes things.

And I've started this new trick with all the last minute day trips and camping with and without my tent. I have three bags that always go. (And they're all pink by the way.) One has all my shower things and towels, one has all the beach things including swimsuits and towels and sunscreen, and one has my clothes. The bathroom and beach ones are always pretty much packed and in the car. But the clothes one? It requires thought. And I don't much like a lot of thought on Monday mornings. Or Tuesdays either. So, hence the list.

And usually? I leave without a toothbrush. Every time. Hands down.


Kristen said...

Why wouldn't you have pink bags? I mean, is there any other color?

GreenCanary said...

I, too, have forgotten my meds and paid the price. This one time I was on a business trip in New Mexico and called my psychiatrist, frantic. Turned out that he couldn't call in a prescription to New Mexico because of licensing or something. I had to have someone go to my house, get my meds, and FedEx those suckers to me. Even though it was one day, I was messed up for the rest of the trip. Stupid antidepressant.

Holly said...

I have left without underwear if that helps.

At I spent one weekend brushing my teeth with my finger b/c I had the toothpaste but not brush.

Malaise Inc said...

Back when I was in college, I did this team race composed of legs of downhil skiing, cycling, running, and canoeing. I managed to leave that weekend without clean underweat and without a toothbrush. Needless to say, I was glad to get back to the dorm Sunday night.

carrster said...

If you don't have a toothbrush by the time you get to Duluth, I will give you one. :)

Can't wait to see you!