Assume = Ass+ME

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Ummmm....... Let's just say that the rock I have lived under for nay so many a year now was quite large and shady. Just enough to develop in me a penchant for believing the whole world revolves around me, eh?

Yeah. NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BOY. Dare I presume that recent divorce+didn't get to see his oldest boy on his birthday for the first time = kinda into himself for a day or so.

Stop me now. I mean seriously. Before I procreate.


Cathy said...

There is too something wrong with the boy, you just haven't found it yet. So did he do the campfire or not? And make sure to cancel on him some time.

Sweetly Single said...

I say he gets bonus marks for letting you know such information...most guys aren't as sensitive.

Don't be too hard on yourself hunny.... most women do the exact same thing you did

I'm so glad the air is cleared

Nilsa S. said...

You = Human. Actually You = Very Funny Human. Thanks for reminding me of a feeling we've all had at one point or another in our own lives. =)

Kristen said...

I'm with Cathy. Did he come to the fire or not?

Updates, woman. We need updates.

GreenCanary said...

Glad to hear that all is well with The Boy!

Holly said...

i second nilsa!

fyi, your neurotic friend here in sp is here to tell you that even when you are married and coming up on your 4th wedding anniversary, sometimes the crazy thoughts still creep in and you lose touch with that whole sane thinking thing.

Anonymous said...

i love it when things turn out in good ways.