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There are no pictures. It was a super duper fancy pants dinner, and it would have been totally redneckish to pull out the camera and start snapping away. So.... sad to say, there is not EVIDENCE of how wonderfully suave I looked; you'll just have to imagine it. Although, can I just say that I HATE my hair? I hate my hair. It always lets me down. Every single time. I hate it.

Mr. Internet was appropriately awed by the sheer elegance of the whole event and also by the number of people that love and care about me and shook his hand and said, "We're watching you...." mwahahahah.

But here's the sad part, we came home, talked for awhile and then he left. He gets brownie points for calling on Saturday night, but then on Sunday when he said he'd call? NOTHING. NOTHING, PEOPLE. He was supposed to come to a bonfire with me, so I finally gave in and called him at 8, and he said he was just going to stay in. I reigned in the bitch and told him to have a good week and then I went anyway. Thank God I go and do stuff ANYWAY, or I might just take up drinking again. This dating shit is too hard.


Sweetly Single said...

1. no man is worth the drink
2. ~cheering~ good for you for not sitting around waiting on him!!!

Ben said...

No matter how cranky it makes you, it's always better to go out anyway than to sit at home and stew. Why should you feel shitty and stay at home when he doesn't feel shitty? There's no reason for YOU to waste a night!

Shania said...

I'm glad you had fun and got to dress up and look mahvelous. And he's sitting home trying to figure out if he's good enough for you right now. He'll figure it out and be sniffing around!

E said...

Dating is hard. But when you find the right one it won't be. And that's how you'll know.
I'd throw this one to the curb. They at least need to have manners. He said he'd call and he didn't.
#%%@ him!

Malaise Inc said...

You didn't introduce him to Tiny, did you?

CatKrny said...

After you sleep with someone he can seem a lot better than he may really be. Female stalker gene. There is actual research to support it. You may have been seeing him through sex colored glasses. Read your past posts. He only became great after sex.

Kristen said...

Dating is such painful work. If he didn't call you to say he wasn't coming, you need to forget about him.

Not showing up and not calling is sheer douchery.