I Refuse To Be Jaded

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I picked myself up, brushed myself off and had coffee with 4.0 today. And it was good. Regardless of 3.0 and his behavior, I do still know that I have something to offer a man. I know that I'm funny. I know that I'm smart. I know that I'm a complete dork, but pretty dang okay with that. And whether or not I wear my heart on my sleeve, if I didn't live my life like that, I wouldn't be me. And being okay with being me is the most important part of my life today. That's what recovery is all about. I'm just fine. In fact, I'm better than fine, and deserve to be that today. If ONLY for today.


carrster said...

yay! You go girl.

carrster said...

and you forgot to mention that you're hot, have a smokin' rack and you're a great cook too!

Anonymous said...

You can have your pick of men. That voice that just said something when you heard that, was it positive or negative? If it was negative, don't listen to it. If it said, "Exactly, I can have my choice in men or the man I want," listen to that voice.


BrianAlt said...

You don't HAVE to be able to offer something to a man. A man has to deserve what you are offering.

Look for the one that deserves it.

This is what the therapist was saying to you.