These Are My Favorite Things. Sometimes.

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These are the things that make me feel better when I'm sick. Please note the number of products whose SOLE purpose is to make me better and keep me that way. I was shocked. Really. That's some serious commerce there.

My bed and all it's pillows and my dog. Yes. I'm 35 years old and I sleep with a stuffed dog. Don't judge me.This is Dax. Yes, he's in the sink. None of you are invited over for dinner. Ever.

Sweet, sweet vicks. Come to mama.

My DVD player and assorted disks. This picture may or may not include naughty movies. Naughty movies may or may not make me forget for a few minutes how horrible I feel.
My humidifier and Ionic Pro air purifier. It remains to be seen whether or not the damn thing works. It's new.
This is Kiki. She's a bitch. But she loves her mom.
Ohhhh..... Orange juice and moroccan mint tea - nectar of the Monkey Plague Gods. Along with my virtual pharmacy which includes happy pills that I take ALL the time, not just when I'm sick. Because we don't want me to be unhappy. Or um.... psychotic. It's happened.
My sweet internet friends. *kisses*
My books and a lavender eye thingy that feels good on inflamed sinuses. See that book? It says "Gone to the Crazies." hahahaha! I relate.
Frozen peas. See? They're FANCY peas! They also feel good on swollen eyes. I learned that from the good doctor.
And the sweet baby Jesus. He helps the most. When I'm not using his name in vain.


Kristen said...

I could use one of those lavendar eye thingies right about now but I don't have one so I'll try the peas.

And my bed.

And my cat.

And my DVD player.

I need some comfort I think.

BrianAlt said...

Cute! I think my daughter has that same stuffed dog.

Summer said...

I would never judge anyone on their sleep materials. I bit a man once for using my pillow.

BTW, we have the same humidifier. I am jealous of the fancy peas though. I have canned peas. I don't think that'd be good for the eyes.

Dingo said...

Oh how you taunt us with a partially visible cheese bread recipe. I demand you share the recipe immediately! Or as soon as you feel better.

Sweetly Single said...

ahhh wonderful wonderful comfort... I hope you feel better soon!!

Matt said...

kiki looks a bit over weight.

you may want to make her start doing some excersize.

saratogajean said...

Yo--for the congestion, I recommend a neti pot.

Weird, but holy smokes it works.

brookem said...

those are some good things to help you feel better!
and i hope you do... asap!

MsDarkstar said...

I'm used to cat (and chinchilla and rabbit) fur everywhere... so don't let that stand in the way of a dinner invitation!

We won't go into how many stuffed animals are on MY bed... (and desk and all over the house actually).

Hope you are feeling better!

rudecactus said...

I sincerely hope you feel better soon!

lacochran said...

Not just fancy peas but Grade A fancy peas! Wonder who gets the Grade B?

Kate said...

Dingo - there's a recipe on the counter for Pumpkin Fry Bread in the medicine picture also. And I can't post the recipe for the Herbed Tomato Cheese Bread until I've tried it. Watch my other blog for it.

Saratoga - I want you to note that the generic vicks is Food Lion brand. Oh, how I miss NC! Let me count the ways.... And the neti pot? I gag when I even think about it. My brother, sister, mom, and mom's neighbor all use it. I can't even think about it without vomiting in my mouth.

Matt - Kiki resent the overweight comment. She will NOT exercise. She's in her old age. She deserves to eat whatever the hell she wants. So there.

kitkat said...

Well, I was about to second the neti pot comment until I read your vomit comment. (do you know how hard it was for me not to type "vomit comet"? that sounds fun.)

I haven't gotten officially sick yet this season, but my indoor allergies are almost as bad. What helped me last winter was mint tea--the best thing ever! Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your humidifier. I want one, but since we're moving next year, I might not need it for more than one season.

I hope you feel better soon, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lindsey said...

Joseph kinda looks hot, non?

Maxie said...

KITTIES! Sorry... I'm such a sucker for cat pictures. The blogosphere seems to be dominated by dogs so I freak out when I see other cat people :-)

Stephen Wilson said...

My doughmaker is one of my favorite things!