Lazy Like Saturday Morning

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I went to bed last night, knowing that there was no reason for me to get up early this morning. So I snuggled in sans alarm, hoping against hope that I'd get some good, refreshing sleep. And I did. Until 6 a.m. Hrmph. So much for sleeping in. Happy sunrise! We finally got my New York pictures off the camera and into the computer. I somehow switched it into some silly mode that the computer wouldn't read. But Gay Boyfriend to the rescue! He grew a beard. He came rushing down with my pictures on a CD last night while I was cooking. Go check it out. I finally made something good with a grain.


Jen said...

wow love that airplane window picture. Very pretty : )

LiLu said...

I wake up every freaking morning at 6am, no matter what.


Gah. I hear you, lady.

LBluca77 said...

Oh man I hate when i have the chance to sleep in and then I wake up early. Ugh, so sucks!