Happy Feet Friday, a Clean Toilet, and Some Nice Words

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These are a million years old, but they're squishy and comfortable. And they show my toe rings, of which I am very fond. Look how veiny my feet are. Weirdness.
This is Dax. He thinks he's a dog most of the time and proved it once again this morning.
Thank goodness I think a clean toilet is important. You'd think I hadn't just filled his food and water bowls. He's a strange one, Mr. Grinch. Most of the time, he just sticks his paw in there and flicks water at me while I'm curling my hair. Today he took a drink. A long, long drink. Good Lord.

And thanks to Somi's Nilsa who mentioned my blog as one that has a strong voice. She says I write loudly. And I like that. I like that alot. I was silenced for so long by my alcoholism, that it's freeing to find that voice again. She also linked to a blog called Violence Unsilenced. I have read there many times, but choose not to comment. It's too close to home. But if you're interested in the world of domestic violence and finding ways to combat it, it's a great place to visit.

Tomorrow, there is a huge community festival sort of thing at Tallgrass. They're letting me drive the golf carts. I asked if they had extra insurance. I love those things! Then there's three live bands at Club David where we go dancing. Sunday, we're headed to the beach. I will NOT be foiled by rain this time. It's the end of June and we've only been to the beach ONCE. I haven't even broken in my new floaties. That is a tragedy.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Just because I link to you doesn't mean you have to link back to me! hahaha. But, thanks for the love. And yes, your voice is loud and clear and I'm glad you've found it!

Have fun this weekend with the golf carts. I've heard some crazy stories about carting that gets out of control. haha.

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Your kitty really plays like that? Flicking water? How cute!

Have a great weekend. You should put flame stickers on the golf carts. ;)

melissalion said...

I have veiny feet too. And a toe ring. See, twinners.

Where is the beach in South Dakota?

Anonymous said...

I find the cat thing very odd. Even my dog won't do that and he licks his balls.

buffalodick said...

The beach, dancing, etc. sounds like somebody shook the blues off!

Twinkie said...

I look forward to coming in here and wondering what shoes you're gonna have on that day! LOL

You DO have a loud, strong voice. You've come a long way, baby!

Anonymous said...

You have weird toe-cuffs.

G said...

I think everyone should be driving electric golf carts in the city. They would save shit loads of gas and be thousands less to operate. I want one!!!

Sweetly Single said...

is it just me or does that cat's ass look like a giant wig? hehehe