On Being Observant

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You know when there's clouds high, high up in the sky and then there's lower clouds down below and the ones down below are moving faster or in a different direction than the ones up above? I could lay relaxed in the grass and watch that all day. It makes my heart happy.

I spent about an hour looking for a strapless bra this morning. Did you know that if you require anything more than a 36C, the bra prices go up astronomically? The same bra, same style, same everything. For more money.

Dirty Ben called early this morning with a little problem all over his legs and back. Fingernail polish remover will take tar off the skin. Make up remover will not. And it's much more fun to remove listening to Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap than to flamenco music.

After playing at Tallgrass all day in the sun, as soon as we had dinner, the breeze shifted and cooler air started whipping around us. Us South Dakotans? Didn't matter that it felt like 100 degrees in the shade when we left our homes this morning, we all went to our cars and grabbed wool sweaters or heavy sweatshirts. We just seem to keep them with us.

There's nothing like watching the sun go down as the storm clouds are rolling it. It's wicked looking.

And people really seem to smile when they see us swing dance on the street. Especially the older ones. It's like they're transported back to some previous memory in their life. It makes them happy. And it makes me happy, too. It makes me wish I never had to stop.


LiLu said...

Uh oh... I think I just recently may have blown past the 36C arena...

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Cloud watching and navel gazing ... should be paid jobs, shouldn't they?