Glorious Garden, Day 22

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Oh internet! I played all day in the garden. That makes my heart happy. Here's the big picture.And here's the tour. This is the butternut squash that's growing leaps and bounds. It had some sort of blight so Cowgirl, who knows all things living, sprinkled some funny dust on it and now it's just fine. Oregano and my toes. I didn't realize it would spread like that. I thought it would grow "up" not "out." There's a few spacing issues which will be rectified in the fall in preparation for next year.

Peas! Glorious sugar snap peas. I did indeed, add two more rows last weekend. They're popping up all over.

My lobelia. I got it because it's my grandma's favorite. And I love my grandma and every time I see it, I get to think of her.

The tomato forest. I mean seriously. It's a little much. 15 tomato plants? They were getting top heavy, so some of them are staked up now.

And this is to show you how I staked up the beans. They are now growing vertical. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I looked underneath the leaves and found the runners growing entwined along the ground in ropes. Holy. They are now upright. And there's flowers! That means the beans are coming!

The pictures don't show you what it feels like to be out there. When I lived in North Carolina, the word "lush" just wasn't enough to describe the greenery and the oppressiveness of living things around you in the summertime. Obscene was more like it. Quivering, maybe? I remember waking up in the tent one night on the Blue Ridge Parkway and saying to The Dead Guy, "I can HEAR things growing!" And I always felt that if I stayed in place one moment too long, the kudzu would overtake me and render me immobile. It's not quite like that, but when I'm out in my garden, I'm immersed in it and I love how that feels.


buffalodick said...

When all that stuff is edible, I'll be happy to cook it for you!

BrianAlt said...


Lemmonex said...

Send some of that oregano my way!

Shania said...

You have a lovely garden! Alas, I must cast shadows on your sunshine. The oregano? It is evil. on the par with kudzu evil. My neighbor, across the road neighbor, planted some and it took over her yard and somehow tunneled under the road and is now mounting a full frontal attack on mine. I'm considering a flamethrower.

MilesPerHour said...

I'm good at this stuff too! You should see the weeds I have been cultivating.

Glad you enjoy your hobby!

Daisee579 said...

Congrats on such a beautiful and healthy garden. I'm a little jealous. Okay a lot jealous.

P.S. What happend to Pilot guy? I caught up a bit this morning and realized you mentioned Symphony Date the other day. Not that it's my business, of course. But you know, I care (more in the friend from afar way, not the stalker way. LOL).

melissalion said...

Lookin' good! Send me some of those peas when they get going, would you?

blakspring said...

wow, looks great. you're making me want to plant something. i wish i had a green thumb.