Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

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It snowed! Three times! And it's STILL snowing! I'm so excited! I'm not even mad about having to scrape off my car before I go to work. It's so gorgeous. When I went outside this morning, I was reminded of the quietness that the snow brings. Everything is muted. And you can hear the snow landing on the crispy leaves. I know. Everyone says I'm a complete lunatic for being so excited, but the four year old in my heart just loves it.

This is what's left of Glorious Garden. I love the color underneath the snow. But what I don't love is the potential for ice underneath the snow. The whole slip and fall and break my leg scenario - even though it's been almost five years? Still strikes terror in my heart. When I look back on it, breaking my leg was not that big of a deal. I mean, sure I had to have surgery and use a wheelchair and then a walker for almost five months. Then crutches, then wear a boot thingy forever and a day. But it wasn't totally unmanageable. So what's the big deal?

Well. I think it has the most to do with the sound and the pain. I heard my leg break while I was still in the air. I knew it was broken before I even hit the ground. You know when the dentist numbs your face beyond belief and then rips a tooth out? The sound? You can't feel a thing, but the sound! The crunching? Yeah. Well. When you break a bone as badly as I did, it's the same kind of sound, only it's not numbed. And the pain? Was unbearable. The pain itself was enough to make me throw up while I was waiting for the ambulance.

That? And when you break a bone, your tendons aren't taut anymore, so they kind of have a mind of their own. And you watch your leg just flop and twitch, when all you want it to do is just be as still as possible. Because every movement and twitch makes the broken bones crunch against each other again.

But then this eerie calm (psychotic break perhaps) just overtook me. I found my cell phone in my purse and started making phone calls. Called my Doctor's office and cancelled my appointment for that day. Called my job and told them I was laying on the ground waiting for the ambulance. And called The Dead Guy. He of course, did not answer, so I called his Dad, who I implored to meet me at the Emergency Room because I didn't want to be alone. And then I was fine. Until the EMTs got there and tried to move me. Um. No. I threw up again and then started hyperventilating. I remember one guy getting in my face and trying to scare me into stopping it. And when I couldn't? He slapped me. That's the best part of the story. Seriously. And it worked.

The rest? I don't really remember. Other than the fact that when The Dead Guy's dad got there, they wouldn't let him in because he wasn't a relative. What the hell? I finally got the nurse convinced that he was as close to a relative as one could be and then he took over. Which is exactly what I needed. Talking to the surgeon, calling my parents, making sure I had my bases covered for the next couple of days. All the stuff I couldn't do for myself. And then? Just the long process of getting better. So I guess I have good reason to be terrified of the ice. But it doesn't make the snow un-pretty.



Anonymous said...

The EMT slapped you?? And it worked?? Wow, I'll have to remember that, it might come in handy sometime.

I love snow. None here yet, but it's coming. The mountain tops are already white, but there's nothing down in the inhabitable regions yet. Usually by the end of October or first week in November here.

Al In The County said...

Hooray snow day! Enjoy!

buffalodick said...

In Michigan, we call it "Black Ice"...you don't know you're on it, until it's too late! I don't mind cold- I hate sloppy snow!

Jules said...

Wow - a slap! On TV they always give the person a brown paper bag, but you got slapped. That's kind of rude.

BrianAlt said...

I love it too. But we don't get too much any more.

In 3 months you'll hate it. Like every other year.

Tom H. said...

I hope you threw up on the guy before he slapped ya. They should be prepared for these kinds of things!

Beautiful pic! It's suppose to snow where I'm at. Kind of early for this time of year, just hope we have enough. Love making igloos with my kids, and my sons icy volcano! :-)

stoogepie said...

You make breaking your leg sound very sexy, slapping and all.

And I didn't know you had a food blog, too!

Jen said...

Snow? Already? Yikes!
If that had happened to me, I'd be terrified of the snow. Terrified!

BrianAlt said...

To edit my previous comment I'll say that you probably won't be sick of it in 3 months. But you certainly won't be excited about it.

Mark said...

I love your exuberance over the first snowfall. The leg breaking sounds like quite an ordeal. Looking back what were some of the great lessons that this break provided you?