The Things That Make Me Laugh

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So, I've been taking care of business around here. Pets in for their shots, flip flops into bins, scarves and mittens back out from hiding. And I had some car stuff to take care of before the snow flies. So last Monday, I got my windshield replaced. It had a big crack in it from a rock that hit me on the way home from my illustrious camping trip. Score! One down. Yesterday, I took my car to the Chrysler dealership to have the catalytic converters replaced. Trusty Mechanicman told me about a month ago that's what the silly light was all about and that it is covered under warranty through Chrysler so to take it to the dealership and they'd fix it for free. Score again! FREE! When I called to make the appointment, I told the guy that's why I was bringing it in, confirmed that it was indeed under warranty, dropped it off and was planning on a very pleasant pick up later that afternoon.
Well... Expectations get me nowhere. The service guy called me around 2 p.m. and said that yes, the catalytic converters were dead and needed to be replaced and that yes, it is under warranty with Chrysler. Well guess what makes the catalytic converters GO? The oxygen sensors. And guess what is broken and ISN'T covered under warranty? The oxygen sensors.  Which he will replace for $600. Way to stick it to me. So I immediately mention to him that the paperwork for my extended warranty is in my glove compartment and would he please call and see if those are covered under there and call me back. In the meantime, I call Trusty Mechanicman and ask him if $600 is a reasonable estimate for oxygen sensors and his response? "Don't let them touch your car for that, Kate! If they're not covered under your extended warranty, you bring it to me and we'll figure something out." Thank you Trusty Mechanicman. I love you.
Turns out that those stupid oxygen sensors are indeed covered and I have a $200 deductible so yes, go ahead and do the work. But guess what? They KNEW that I was bringing in my car specifically for the catalytic converters and guess what they DON'T HAVE IN STOCK? THE CATALYTIC CONVERTERS. And that I can bring it back the next day. Which is today.
Normally, this kind of thing would send me spiraling into tears. But yesterday? All I could do was laugh. Because OF COURSE it had to get messed up. That's just life. And OF COURSE they're stupid. What did I expect? The only advice from Gay Boyfriend as he was driving me to work this morning was that I should ask for a free oil change for the hassle they caused by not having the parts in stock. I told him I'd have to practice being that bold. And he laughed. It's all laughable anymore. It has to be. Because I think I'm done crying over stupid crap like this.


Jules said...

Ugh. I hate car drama. I even have regularly occurring dreams in which I have massive car drama. I'm glad it all worked out ok, though, and you were able to handle it without tears. Yay Kate!

justjp said...

Damn, I feel you. I am having minor car drama too. Hang in there.

Summer said...

I hate dealership service departments. Rip off, unless it's something under warranty. Shiesty bastards!

artemisia said...

Of course it is this way! And that is all part of it.

I do, indeed, believe you are that bold. As for the oil change free of charge. You will be surprised!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I hate dealership service departments. I'm sorry, but a catalytic converter is a standard part. It's not like the spring to your seatbelt broke. Seriously. Not acceptable. I'm with Gay Boyfriend, you should be getting something extra out of this.

Anonymous said...

$600 for oxygen sensors???? Holy shit. You can buy O2 sensors at any auto parts store for around $50 each. Installing them involves turning one bolt. Takes no more than 15 minutes. Your dealer is a crook.

Both O2 sensors went bad? At the same time? That shouldn't happen, unless your engine is spewing out something that's killing them. Fuel injector cleaner will do that if you use too much of it, or bad gas. I would ask your mechanic why he thinks both of them went bad, because that shouldn't just happen by random chance.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Isn't life grand!?

melissalion said...

Gay boyfriend = super smart.

f.B said...

agreed. the converters aren't exactly exotic. but glad you laughed. it's the best we can do sometimes.

The Pollinatrix said...

Hi. I've been reading your blog for about a week now and am really enjoying your take on life.

This post hits home with me today, because I got back from a retreat yesterday to find my house completely trashed by my four kids and the sort-of-sometimes-boyfriend who was supposed to be "in charge."

Then, when I was going to put my two-year-old to bed last night, I discovered I didn't have any diapers. I finally found a crumpled unused one under the computer desk.

So this morning I go to bring my kids to school and stop at Wal-Mart for diapers. I have just enough money to buy a small pack. When I get home I discover that I left the diapers in the cart in the parking lot. So I drive back to Wal-Mart - the cart is gone and no one turned the diapers in to the service desk.

Anyway, your post has helped me calm down from the fuming, near-tears state I was just in.

Thank you.