My Hair and a Hippie Baby

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Wow! You guys come out in droves for opinions on haircuts! Well, and frosting on Crissy's Page. (Sorry, I'm posting this via email, so I can't do the pretty linky thingies.) But for sure, there will be before, during and after pictures. My hairdresser is game for anything crazy, like taking pictures of us getting down with it. If you're lucky, I'll include a picture of me gettting my wax job, too. When I met Cowgirl, she asked me if I knew I had a sister in town. And I'm all like, "Um. No. We're from Minnesota." And she says, "No. Your brunette twin is one of my best friends and an awesome hairdresser." And yes. She is right. Sexy Lioness is 6 foot tall, has a great rack, is built like me, has the same baby fine hair as I do and is all kinds of nuts. Like me! I've never had a hairdresser in my life that I went to more than once. The impulsivity in my head goes something like this on a Saturday morning.
I should get my hair cut. THAT will make me feel more sexy. Maybe I should get it colored, too. Blonder? Maybe. A couple inches this time? I've never gone dark before. I wonder what that would look like? Or I could go SUPER short and make a complete break. No. I can't do that. I've been growing this hair for ages. Maybe just a trim and skunky highlights? Okay.
And then I take a shower, get dressed and get in the car. I proceed to drive around town until I find SOMEONE who will take a crazed walk-in who insists that "I don't care what you do, just do something different." And because most hairdressers know the wrath of a woman whose hair sucks ass, they trim it and do some nicey-nicey highlights, charge me an arm and a leg, try to sell me product and then shoo me out the door. And I never return. Because the next time it hits me? SHE'S NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL TWO WEEKS FROM NOW. Whatever.
But I've been seeing Sexy Lioness for two years now and she makes sure to book my appointments every six weeks, because apparently that's what people DO. Plus, she's super hard to get in to see and she understands about the crazy that makes me want to getitdonerightnowfortheloveagod! And my hair has never looked better. So, if I'm going to do something crazy to it, she'll be the right one to do it with me.
Okay, now you know all about my hairscapades. But what I really want to know is what Baby Z wants for Christmas. And what his mommy and daddy want for him. They're all hippie, organic cotton, all-natural product, cloth diapers, don't let that freaky germ infested Toys R Us THING near my baby sort of people. I mean seriously, the kid only has one white onesie. The rest are tie dyed and if his mom or my mom didn't knit his sweaters and booties, the kid would freeze to death because WE HAVE TO KNOW WHERE THE YARN COMES FROM. I make this sound like it's a bad thing, but I'm all about supporting them in this. Because he's my nephew and the world WILL NOT CORRUPT HIM.
So, with that said, any suggestions? What do new hippie mommies and daddies want for Christmas?


Anonymous said..., the "green" toy store. Environmentally friendly toys, organic cotton clothes, etc etc.

Everything you need in one place. No "Made in China" junk.

Note: They don't pay me to advertise for them, I'm just a satisfied customer.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I think hippie mommies and daddies want mainstream aunties to corrupt their children. OK, maybe not want, but definitely need.

I'm serious.

The Pollinatrix said...

I'm laughing right now because both my two-year-old and I are wearing tie dye made by hippie friends of mine right now. Which is truly odd, because I hardly ever wear it, since I'm not a big tie dye fan.

How old is this kid? If it's an infant - how about a baby massage book? If it's old enough to play, musical instruments are always a good bet.

The Pollinatrix said...
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The Pollinatrix said...

It took my comment before I was finished.

I wish I had a Sexy Lionness of my very own. I've been cutting my own hair for years because of the kind of experience you describe. I've actually gotten pretty good at it.

Did you pick a cut yet?

freckledk said...

Oh dear Kris sound EXACTLY like me (and, by the way, I've taken those same hair photos you listed in your previous post when going for a cut). Eerie.

-Peder said...

I'd go with a nice organic, fair trade and tie dyed toy gun. If you can find one.

Dingo said...


BrianAlt said...

I got my hair cut yesterday.

Want a pic?

BrianAlt said...
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Sue Ellen Mishkey said... I know a couple of hippies who registered there for their shower. They've got some cute stuff.