The Best Christmas Ever

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So I told you we are having a blizzard, right? Hehe. BLIZZARD! Mountains and mountains of snow! Which gave me lots of opportunity to win at winter. I got up at 7 a.m. to shovel the three foot drift in the driveway so I could move my car off the street before the plow came. Just as I was ripping through the pile at the end of the driveway and accelerating, the plow roared behind me. I WIN! Except Other Boy also parks on the street and, well. He DIDN'T win the plow race. So guess who came downstairs two hours later and asked for help when he got stuck? Yeah. And since I am Diva of the Snow, it was I, Mighty Diva who shoveled and then pushed then shoveled and pushed, finally telling him to just get out of the driver's seat and stand back. Yes. Diva of the Snow punched it back, shot it forward and back and forth and yes! Get OUT OF MY WAY! Because I got that low slung sucker off the drift it was impaled on and roared into the drive as Other Boy looked on in awe. Win! And as the neighbors stared at the pretty girl and stunned gay man, I shouted, "I am BAD ASS! Yes! BAD ASS!" with a shovel raised in my right arm. They fear me, you know. The neighbors.

And may I mention that the only reason we were parked on the street overnight was because Gay Boyfriend failed to mention to either of us that he was not coming home Christmas Eve after Midnight Mass? After which, as agreed upon, he was to move our cars into the driveway? (Because Dick - his car - needs to be in the garage because he is the OWNER of the house, don't you know. And we are mere renters.) So when he pounded on my door around noon and demanded the keys to my car because IT WAS IN HIS WAY, I may or may not have said, "Shut it. Mother. Fucker." and threw them at him without a backward glance. Because first of all, no one talks to me like that on Christmas (or ever) and second of all, as a lowly RENTER of small part of the house, why the fuck should I care about clearing the sidewalk in ADDITION to shoveling the driveway? But lucky for me and Other Boy, he stomped and flounced around bitching about the snow blower and then promptly left again after blowing the rest of the pavement.

Ahhh! Peace. Other Boy and I are much alike in this department. He watched cartoons all day. I cooked. Because I put out a blanket invitation to anyone stuck in Sioux Falls to come over for dinner if they could make it. My party went from one to none to five in the course of two hours. And I'd like to tell everyone in blogland that it was the best Christmas I've had in I can't even remember when. Three came, then one left to go get another and it was five of us with my beef and mashed potatoes, gravy and RR salad, followed by a Kate family tradition of cream puffs. Smiles, laughter, hugs, reminscing about our drunk Christmases, warmth, music, cats asleep on the pile of jackets. Sigh. It was lovely. I have such a wonderful life. So wonderful. Dishes done, coffee ingested, it was over.

And it was so - I don't know. I think they were more excited to see me so happy than to actually be there. These people have known me since the beginning of my sober life and watched me struggle. We all rejoice when one of us is content and happy. And our last misfit stuck home alone, her four year old snowed in with his dad two states away, and she being one month and three days away from a year of sobriety? Let's just say it was serendipitious that she made it. And I quote our friend who went to get her, "The ham's only been in for twenty minutes? Turn it off and get dressed. No. If you want to come in your pajamas, it doesn't matter. I'm coming. I'M COMING." Oh. That's how they got ME. Persistent, loving direction. No excuses. And this time? I was the destination. Do you know how much that meant to me? That MY HOUSE is the safe place to go? God, I just got shivers. My house. Safe. Warm. Sober. Kind. A destination for love. Okay. I might be crying just a little bit right now.

This was the best Christmas ever. Merry, merries! I mean it. From the bottom of my heart and the tears in my eyes. I am so blessed.


MsDarkstar said...

I'm glad your Christmas was wonderful, Kate.

And the cat in the bag? Wonderful!

Dingo said...

What is RR salad?

Glad you had a great holiday. And now that everyone knows you are a BAD ASS snow shoveler and car remover from ice floe person, you should charger for your services.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Kate,

Glad to hear you enjoyed Christmas. I do not consider the snowfall we experienced in VA to be blizzard-like (not even blizzard-lite) but I did shovel my driveway.

Hoping your new year is just as wonderful for you.


carrster said...

Sounds awesome, Kate!! Yay!!

buffalodick said...

You've got a far better attitude than I do about snow! I'm glad you're happy right now!

Jules said...

I'm so glad you had a good Christmas and that you were able to kick winter in the ass - you ARE a bad ass! In spite of the rain we got, I had a good Christmas, too and now it's snowing so everything looks pretty again.

Rebecca said...

You would have so laughed your butt off at us Missourians on Christmas morning. You see, it's really cold with wind chills somewhere near 12F and it's snowing, flurrying actually. There is a mere DUSTING on the road.

So when we head out on our 100 mile drive to my parents to spend Christmas day our car starts sliding around a bit.

We drove on the INTERSTATE at about 40 miles per hour almost the whole way. It was treacherous. People were fishtailing all over the place and skidding off the road.

It was scary and that just reminded me BIG TIME of why I'm not a fan of a White Christmas.

BUT.....I'm so glad that you had a nice time and that you were the Safe Place! Congratulations on your road to recovery on sobriety.

MilesPerHour said...

My Christmases are so much merrier now that I don't need to deal with the white stuff. Glad yours was jolly!

Terrace Crawford said...

Glad to hear it was great for you Kate.

-Terrace Crawford

Kate said...

Dude. Do you have any idea how you ended up on my page?

Kelly Hogaboom said...

Oh, I just love hearing about people's lovely get-togethers. Glad your Christmas was lovely!

melissalion said...

Oh, I love it that she was picked up and brought over. Love love love!!!

stoogepie said...

Yo Kate! You deserve it! I'm glad you had the Best Christmas Ever!