Happy Happies!

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Merry Christmas! You'd think I was four or something. It's 3:45 in the morning and I can't sleep. I am WIDE, WIDE, WIDE awake. No clue why. Kiki gave me the look of disdain and promptly fell back asleep when I got up. Dax? He's decided that after two weeks of being completely disinterested, he's going to eat the Christmas presents. Well, just the ribbons. But still.

And I think it snowed like a foot of snow. Pictures when normal people are awake.


buffalodick said...

Right now, we are between rain and freezing rain... Merry Christmas!

stoogepie said...

Merry Xmas!

Pictures, please. Of the snow, but also of Dax fat and happy after eating all the ribbons.

MsDarkstar said...

Merry Christmas, Kate!

Hope you and the Kitties have a wonderful day!

carrster said...

Merry Christmas, Kate! We're at 22 inches and counting! :) Wheeeeeeee!