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I'm not particularly inspired this morning. So I'm going to tell you all the things I thought about writing.
  • How I really, really tried to like oatmeal this morning.
  • It snowed. Finally.
  • I put up my tiny little Christmas tree last night and found out that Gay Boyfriend not only had all of my extension cords upstairs, he's been USING MY NEW TOWELS, which will cease and desist immediately.
  • I have an interview tomorrow for a part time job. I'm excited and terrifed at the same time. It would actually use some of my brain. i.e. require me to put thought and emotion into my working life again. Plus, it's with the court system, so I'd have to make doubly sure not to fuck up. Hello, scary!
  • I made a book for Baby Z. on lulu.com and it came on Saturday. It's the COOLEST present I've ever given ANYONE in my entire life! And when I was gazing at it's loveliness, I realized that my parents and my grandma would really enjoy a copy, too. Only now, they're not guaranteeing delivery by Christmas, so they can go suck it.
  • Oh, and it's exactly 26 days until my birthday in case you need to prepare.

That is all.


melissalion said...

Yay! Part-time job! I will think good thoughts for you!

Jennifer said...

I really like reading your blog.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I've never heard of lulu.com (must check it out), but I love the idea of gifts created by the giver!

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Kate,

I don't consider oatmeal worth liking. Yeah, I'm feeling snow here too. Best wishes on the part-time job. No pressure here...just don't fuck up! Gonna wish you Happy Birthday early so I can't forget.


GreenCanary said...

No no no! Do not hate on the lovely oatmeal. If you need to jazz it up a bit, add some yogurt, fruit, and nuts. That's what I do. Also a little bit of flaxseed oil to keep the pipes a-flowin'. Woo!

Rebecca said...

Oatmeal reminds me of that stuff they try to feed that bald kid in that one movie with Eddy Murphy. The kid sort of touches it with the spoon and it oozes red stuff that looks like blood.

I've never really liked oatmeal. I do like cream of wheat. Similar product way different texture.

Snow.....I bet where you are, you get tons. Right? In my opinion, we get way too much. I need to move south. Some place like Miami Beach.

G said...

Only got a little dusting of snow here.

But congrats on the interview, I'm sure that you'll knock 'em dead.

Sparkling Red said...

The real question is: does oatmeal like you?