Feel The Love

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I'm watching The Biggest Loser. I would like to wonder... How many people are half in the bag while watching Intervention? And how many people are stuffing their faces while watching The Biggest Loser? Watching TV is a detriment to my psyche. Seriously. There's a reason I haven't turned on the TV for almost a year.

However. I'm hearing a ton of encouragement on this show. What? I don't get into the psychobabble that is reality TV, but it sounds pretty damn good right now. So, I'd like to send a shout out to those people who have been a huge part of my blogging career.

Carrie. Darlin'. Let it go. Those naysayers who give your movies bad reviews are dorks. You are amazing and I'm so grateful that you introduced me to this blogging thing. You always kept track of me. No matter where I was. No matter what state I was in - physically or emotionally. You always sent me an email when I needed it the most. You didn't give up on me. And for that I'm incredibly thankful. And for you people who don't know? She makes awesome movies. And I KNEW HER WHEN!

Saltwater Princess? I love you, girl. You know my soul. There is not a person on the face of this earth that understands me like you do. You are my kindred spirit and I love you. The loss that you and I face on a daily basis is inestimable in the world of mankind. But we're doing it. We are DOING IT. Don't give up.

Melissa Lion. You forced me to write. You have no idea what that's done for me. It's taken me to the depths of my soul and brought some reason to my crazy. I'm not done yet, but I credit you for the insidious encouragement that infiltrated my brain and let the words fly out my fingers.

Jeff. You've been sober a long time. I'm still new at this thing. You lost your best friend. I lost my lover. Your quiet encouragement steals my heart every time. You get what loss means. You seem to know what to say, even though it makes me cry every time. I look to you as a mentor and I want to have the peacefulness that you embody someday. You may not see yourself that way, but I see you there and I want it. Thanks for modeling sobriety for me.

Green Canary. Oh, sweetie. I see so much of me in you. Your creative streak never ceases to amaze me. Your self-doubt, the crazy and the pain? I understand. I GET IT. And I want for you to know the joy that I'm learning to experience today. You're getting there. You are. And I love you so much. Someday, you and I will meet and it will be the most serendipitious exchange of the millenium. I don't doubt that for an INSTANT.

Lexa? I get ya. Lilu, you make me laugh. RR? If I lived in DC, I'm pretty sure you'd be my favorite symphony date. Miles Per Hour? You are the man I want to meet. Keep it up. I love to read about your love and commitment to GF.

Crissy? Goddamn, you make me laugh. We will meet someday. And the universe will explode in confusion.

Stoogepie? There are no words.

And for all of you others? I love and appreciate all of you. I love blogging. I love writing. I love sharing my life with you. I feel less alone. Less confused. And much less crazy with all of you in my life.

Who are some of your blogging inspirations?


Lemmonex said...

Oh, thank you. Really. I do kinda feel like we are kindred spirits. Thanks for being part of my life and an online shopping buddy.

Anonymous said...

Awww...thanks, Kate. I am honored to share a tiny part in your journey. So much of what you say strikes a familiar chord with me. I've been where you are, and I will never forget that part of my life. The peace and serenity you seek? You will find it. I know that, because you have all the same tools I have, and you are learning how to use them better than I ever did.

Always here to listen when you need a friend.

Sweetly Single said...

well on the list or not I still loves ya girlie!

As for Dave Matthews...that is a mutual lust we will always share.

Oh and....didn't Amanda look amazing?? OMG

carrster said...

Thanks Kate. I may not be a great filmmaker but I sure do know how to keep track of my friends across the years & miles! It was so great to see you last week. I wish it could happen more often!! MWAH! Thank YOU for sharing so much of yourself here with us.

buffalodick said...

Nice you feel support, and get support...

melissalion said...

OMG! What a nice treat! Thank you!

And I devoted a whole category on my blog to New Life! Inspired by you!!!!


LiLu said...

You send the laughs my way as well with your emails, my dear.


Rebecca said...

Crissy is my hero. I am so totally in love with Aunt Becky. I think that Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is amazing in every way.

GreenCanary said...

KATE! My would-be lover if either of us swang that way! I don't tell you enough but you make my heart happy, and your understanding heals parts of me that I didn't know how to reach. Thank you, sweet-potato-pie. I love you dearly and can't wait to meet you in real life :-)

Kristen said...

Oh my god! Oh my GAWD! I watched The Biggest Loser last night while eating cheesecake!


And thank you. We will meet someday. Totally. And I will touch your bum (multiple times).

I rather like The Bloggess. I think she's a funny lady.

Kelly Hogaboom said...

What a lovely thing to do! You are a very nice lady, Kate. :-)

stoogepie said...

I have often wondered the same kinds of things. Like how many people watch Big Brother with a washed up C-list celebrity? And how many people watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 with... well, who watches it at all?

Thank you, Kate. There are words, but they are sexy, dirty, nasty words.

restaurant refugee said...

The first time I read this, my slightly dyslexic brain read that as "Sympathy" date. Which would, of course, not be necessary, but symphony... oh, yeah, just name a date.