Bones and Brains

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There's a doctor that comes in to visit me about once a week. He used to partner with The Good Doctor, so they like to catch up on occasion, but usually it's just me and Other Doctor. He likes me because I'm so damn curious. And he doesn't talk to me like I'm stupid when it comes to medical stuff. He uses real medical terms because he knows that I know what they mean and if I don't, I'll ask. We got to talking about my newfound joy of walking and running and how that sometimes makes my bolts hurt so he asked if he could access my x-rays and I said sure! I have wanted to see them and even though I can get into them, you're not supposed to look at your own medical records. Something about "proper channels" and the like. So, I'm "officially" his patient now. He made me a chart and everything. That's not really my x-ray because it wouldn't let me do a screen shot of it. Stupid privacy laws. But that's exactly what my spiral fracture looks like. Cool, huh?
And then we found the MRI of my brain that they took when I had meningitis! (That's not MY brain. Again, the privacy thing. Hrmph.) He painstakingly went through all of of the scans for me and explained everything he knew about brains. Did you know that your brain stem sort of looks like a salamander? It's so amazing! I kept saying, "Doesn't my brain look smart?" And he would laugh. It was really awesome to look at it. And to have someone so kind as to explain every little thing about it. My curiousity hasn't killed me yet!

And just so you know what kind of office I work in, The Good Doctor is currently googling Armageddon and asking me what brimstone is... So naturally, he's not surprised when I start peppering him with questions about my disease of the week. I think I've learned all I want to about the Bubonic Plague and Scurvy. Any suggestions on the next one to investigate?

In other news, I drove all the way to the gym last night and as I was taking off my rings and watch to store in my purse, I noticed I didn't have my gym bag. Sigh. And I knew that once I went back home to get it, I wouldn't go back. So, I called it a night, sat on the swing with a book and made a fire in the fire pit. The first one of the season!

I have been having sort of low grade panic-y feelings lately. I'm really not sure what it's about. I have been thinking about Jason a lot. Missing him. It's the change in the seasons I think? Either that, or I'm just pathologically crazy, which is a distinct possibility. So, when my friend texted me, I told her how I was feeling and she said, "Bringing ice cream. On my way!" Don't I have amazing people in my life? She knows even MORE crazy people than me and before she left, I found myself agreeing to go to a Native American "Sweat" on Friday night! I'm so excited! Scared, a little. But excited more.

There's a huge Native American population here in South Dakota. There's what? 3 reservations here? And one of them is the poorest in the United States. It's terrible. But what it DOES do, is bring all kinds of amazing diversity in spiritual thought to people who are open minded enough to look into it. Jason was WAY into Native American spirituality. And somehow, missing him right now and then getting this opportunity all in the same week seems like it was meant to be.


buffalodick said...

Well, you aren't afraid to try new things, are you?

BrianAlt said...

I've got a good one for you.



justme said... will have to post on that one

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I cannot wait to hear about this sweat event. I think Native American spirituality is fascinating. I don't know much about it, but the connection between body, soul and earth amazes me.

Ink Spiller said...

Totally jealous about the sweat. I've been wanting to do one but we don't get the real deal in the land of Oz obviously.

clearness said...

I have a story about Native American's that sort of scares was told to me when I as about 14 so I don't really remember it well........but it scared the socks off of me...........

Jen said...

You know, I think it's mercury retrograde. It screws up technology, equipment and communications, but it also makes us melancholy and resurfaces things from the past, making us rethink them. In that sense it's been doing a little number on me. Hopefully the technology bit won't hit me/us as hard too.