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So, I'm not sure that this is turning into a fitness blog or not, but whatever. I'm currently obsessed with going to the gym. Which is not entirely a bad thing. I mean - I've always had fitness goals that I could never attain. But for some reason, this may just be my season. Bear with me? Because it means a lot to me. Weird, huh? I've always, always, always wanted to be an athlete. I mean, I'm TALL and I'm STRONG. I've taken 9th grade boys DOWN in the Boundary Waters with a pack on my back and a canoe on my shoulders, yanno? But I felt like those times were my past when I broke my leg.

I gained almost 50 lbs when I broke my leg. A wheelchair for 4 months, a walker for 2 more and crutches for another 2 and I was a broken woman. I've never been a paragon of fitness, but I held my own. And when I finally started going to Physical Therapy, I thought my woes were over. They were not. I didn't lose any weight, I just kept putting it on, because the things I wanted to do were damn near impossible. I put away my mountain bike the day that my knee locked up on the trail and I had no cell phone to call anyone with. Terrifying, sitting by the side of the trail, hoping that the next person that came along was a sweetheart and not a serial killer. And I stopped even trying to run when the pain of the bolts coming OUT of where they were supposed to be was more horrifying than the weight.

But I've turned a corner. The running that I'm doing is making my bones stronger. I have been assured of that. Today when I was rocking out to Britney Spears (Judge me all you want. She's a freaking addict and totally nuts and I relate) I felt that high. My last client left at 7:30 p.m. tonight and I really just wanted to go home. But I found myself driving to the gym. Because something is happening there that I don't understand. And before I knew it, I was cruising toward 2 miles under 30 minutes. I have no plan when I go to the gym. I figure if I even just GO, something good is happening. But when I hit the treadmill, I found it. I knew I wasn't going to do the 5K today. It was too late. But when I saw the numbers on the readout, I booked it to Breaking Benjamin's Evil Angel and made my two miles under 30 minutes. It was 29 minutes and 51 seconds, but still. STILL. It was a milestone reached and that's all kinds of awesome.

And I may have ordered this running skirt today. Miss M and I rooted a friend along at a half marathon last Spring and as I was watching all the people go by, I remarked that if I ever took up running, I was totally going to do it in a skirt. And well? I never thought that day would come, but since it did, I ordered this one. Because I'm freaking awesome for going to the gym and making myself sweat. And when it comes, I will wear it with serious pride for taking my health into my own hands and taking a stab at fitness.

And just so you know that I'm trying to eat right, too. Here's my fruit "Basket" Cowgirl made it. She's an artist, you know. Pottery, drawing and watercolor.
And here's what it looked like a week later.
So. I'm doing it. Exercise and diet. And well? I feel better. And that's awesome.


-Peder said...

Yay for you!

The stories and life of a 10-toed North Dakotan said...

I'm happy to hear it! And I think if I had a running skirt, it'd motivate me to move too :)

anne h said...

It's good to turn so many corners that you find you have actually gone around the block!
Good on ya!

The Good Cook said...

I LOVE running skirts and wear them all summer long! Last year we were in Maine and I wore mine sea kayaking.. the guide even asked me where I got it. You need to buy several cuz you're going to get addicted to them.

I hit my fitness craze when I hit 40 and wow - did I feel good. I'm not in such a heavy groove anymore (and my body shows it) but I still have my moments.

Good for you! Good for your body! Good for your spirit! On, On.

Allie said...

You are so awesome!

And a running skirt? That's just way too cool! I think I need one!

Jennifer said...

This is one of the most awesomest posts I've read in a long long time!


I can't explain what happens to me when I run, but it just feels RIGHT & GOOD!!!

Love this post Kate! Thank you!
I'm totally running today...

artemisia said...

Wahooo! This just made my day. Also, I loooooove that skirt.

stoogepie said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I get all fitness-minded around this time of year, too. It sounds like you could kick my ass.

The fruit basket is amazing. Is that a handcuff key in it? If so, I am all the more impressed.

Will we get some pics of you in the skirt?

clearness said...

That's so amazing. Keep up the good fight for fitness!!

Meigan said...

You ate the lemon?

justme said...

i'm a running skirt/dress junkie. They are fantastic....i only run in skirts and LOVE IT. There is no reason why you can't look super cute while running!

you are awesome!