The Post Where I Tell You I'm Brave and Confident

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Look who came to see me on Easter Sunday? Bun Bun! The winter jaguars did not eat him.I took yesterday off. It felt quite decadent to take a day off during the week. I started it with a coffee date with Long Haired Hippie. He is the one that I was directed to talk to my banking woes about. And I left that with dreams flying high, solutions assured and an action to take that very day. I was to go to the new bank and open an account just to establish myself as a customer. And let me tell you, it was a very pleasant experience. And guess what? Their "average" interest rate they offer on a credit card is LOWER than the rate I was getting at Stupid Bank before they even jacked it up on me. And since I have such stellar credit, I was assured that when I applied, I might even get a lower rate than that. What? I could have just cried, I was so happy.

I took action, people. ACTION. On my problems and I felt like a million bucks, so I went to the gym and I busted out my walk/run 5K in 46 minutes and 30 seconds! I was only going to go two miles because I wanted to get to a meeting afterward, but I was FEELING it! So, I went for it. I mean, after I finished the first two miles in 30 minutes and 15 seconds (a first!) I knew I could go for the rest. I felt strong! And confident! And capable! And well, like people are supposed to feel most ALL the time. It was incredible.

So, I went to my meeting all disgusting and sweaty. My face was beat red, my hair was sopping wet and I didn't care. Because I've decided to find a 5K sometime this summer and train for it. What? I despise competition. But I've figured out that most runners run against themselves and not other people. At least the ones I hang with and that's kinda cool.


lacochran said...

Yay! (On all counts.) Doesn't it feel good to turn a bad situation around?!

And Bun Bun is adorable!

We have been adopted by a little brown bunny, too. He's apparently taken up residence in our front bushes. Way Cool.

melissalion said...

Are there really winter jaguars? Really? Please tell me there are because I believe you.

5k run! Woot! You get people to sponsor your miles, right? If yes, sign me up!

The Good Cook said...

Yay you! You are right - most runners run against themselves so you will be establishing your first "personal best"... that's great! I love when it all comes together on the running front. AND the personal front. See, your bank is not the only game in town.. way to show consumer power!!

I'm off to read the cooking blog cuz I am all about the food.

Holly said...

Everyone runs at a different pace. I learned along time ago I wasn't running to keep up with others but for myself so screw the hundreds of people who finish the marathon ahead of me. And now, I appreciate watching the elite runners because of the beauty with which they run. I totally run against myself and the 'clock'. Somedays it's a good day, others not so good. Just roll with it and don't let the tough run days get you down.

And yay for taking on the Stupid Bank. They are sorry suckers for letting you and your stellar credit go elsewhere.

Holly said...
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Holly said...
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artemisia said...


This is freakin' AWESOME.

buffalodick said...

Sounds like a positive day, for sure! We have bunnies, squirrels, a possum, and other wildlife seeping into the the tree line behind our house.. My motto these days is "Let it live"..

Ink Spiller said...

This makes me smile Kate :)


Now I have to "follow suit" by taking action myself with certain forms that need to filled out and filed.

Allie said...

Good for you! It's so hard to take care of ourselves, isn't it? But it feels so good when we do!

Conspiracy Theologian said...

Well done, on all fronts. All victories are good.

Relating back to your post on your running playlist; last week, out of the office next to mine, I hear

You Dropped the Bomb On Me by the Gap Band.

I had a laugh and I thought of you.



Meigan said...

You rock, Katester. Woohoo on the 5k goal - that is awesome!!!

I paid bills today that had been sitting in a pile for about 2 months, ugh. I felt so good afterwards that I just kept thinking 'why didn't I do this 7 weeks ago????' ACTION. It's where it's at.

Jennifer said...

I did my first 5K last summer. The goal I set for myself was to run the whole time. I did that! It is amazing how quickly you can build up to this too! I'm really excited about all you are doing. Love your visitor, I had a nice surprise on Easter too.