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Happy Hippity Hoppity Day!

I'm celebrating by cooking a turkey. And eating it by myself. And then going to the gym to beat my new walk/run 5K record. Friday = 51 minutes. Saturday = 49 minutes. Whee for me!

And then I'm going to plant lettuce and arugula. It's Spring!


The Pollinatrix said...

Guess what? I'm cooking a turkey today too!

And I'm also doing some planting today: potatoes and onions.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Good luck with the 5k time!

Kate said...

Okay. The planting is off. Something ate all my strawberries. And until I find out who did it, I'm not planting anything else.

Jerky rabbits.

Or squirrels.

Or whatever. They're just jerks.

stoogepie said...

I ate strawberries yesterday.

How was the 5K time?

I hope you had a Hoppy Easter.

buffalodick said...

Wascally Wabbits...

GreenCanary said...

I LOVE SQUIRRELS! They crack me up.

I know that deer are repelled by marigolds, so maybe squirrels are, too? Plant a border of marigolds around your garden. Try it! you never know. (Though I have to tell you that I hate marigolds because they smell like cat pee.)

GreenCanary said...
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justme said...

woooo hooo! hope you had a fantastic easter!

you are just inspiring with all this running stuff.