I Am Kate's Lunch

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To Kate's Loyal Followers:

Our beloved Kate has flown the coop to attend her "Drunks Just Like Me Convention." And that is okay with us! Right?


Adventure. Mystery. Intrigue. Mexican Food - all of these await our heroine Kate upon her arrival in Texas.

But wait, first our fair maiden must traverse the countryside in a [gasp] bus. What will become of our Kate? How will she survive the rigors of the road? Who will assist her with her overlarge luggage? Who will water the garden when she's gone? What ABOUT Happy Feet Friday And most importantly, WHAT WILL SHE EAT??

Never Fear, The Good Cook is here.

For her fearless endeavors into life. For her compassion to all living things, for her courage in the face of daunting obstacles (dating), for her humanity to all man (she works for a crazy person) I, The Good Cook, created a special traveling menu just for our Beloved Kate. Because you all love her as much as I do and Kate knows it, she has generously asked me to share this food extravaganza with you.

Without further ado, I give you:

Kate's Lunch: (bon appetite)

First get a little cooler - one of these soft sided ones, with a freezer pack in it. Food Safety is always important. We can't be getting sick before we get to Texas.

Pack 4 waters. (or more) and some green iced tea. Green Tea sweetened with honey and spiced with fresh mint. This is the anti-oxidant drink for the next 24 hours. No caffeine, and it will keep feet from getting swollen (from sitting so long), it is refreshing and the mint keeps the mind open for all the fantastical experiences of the next few days.

Next, pack some almonds. Almonds will keep the blood sugar regular, no spikes, no lows. Almonds also keep the old belly from rumbling, will deter snacking on the other stuff people bring along (like Cheetos and Fritos and other nasty O things) Satisfied bellies also keep the mood up. So important on a 24 hour bus ride, don't you agree?

Packing some fruit is essential. Nothing messy like peaches or plums, something easy like a big crisp apple. You don't even have to keep that in a cooler. If leg cramps are a problem, pack a banana.

Okay now we've taken care of the snacks, what about a main meal?

The sandwich that isn't a sandwich (no bread) with Kate's World Famous Carrot/Ginger Dressing

4 large lettuce leaves (like green leaf or Boston Bibb) washed and dried.

4 ounces white meat tuna or chicken

1/4 cup shredded carrots

2 tablespoons chopped scallions, with just a smidge of the green tops

2 tablespoons slivered raw almonds

4 pea tendrils from the garden (to remind Kate of home and for nourishment and flavor) that is the top of the pea plant, the part that will grab onto the trellis. Don't worry, the plant will keep growing.

Kate's World Famous Carrot/Ginger Dressing

Lay the lettuce leaves out on a cutting board in front of you.

Top each with 1/4 of the tuna or chicken

Top each with 1/4 of the carrots

Continue with the scallions, almonds and finish with pea tendrils

Wrap like a cigar.

Put dressing in a small plastic container with lid.

Wrap each "sandwich" in plastic wrap or place in bottom of container with a tight fitting lid.

Pack with a freezer pack.

Serve by dipping into the dressing, bite, dip, bite.

The vegetables will keep the body hydrated. The protein will keep blood sugar even and the ever growling belly full. The ginger in the dressing is good for digestion and will ward off motion sickness.

Hurry Back to us Kate - but not before you have an adventure of a lifetime!

God Speed and good eating, always.

The Good Cook


Anonymous said...

I too told her to bring fruit. I hope she listened to us. I'm very worried about this bus ride. I did not approve that activity.

The Good Cook said...


These kids these days, like it would kill them to listen to us?

buffalodick said...

When we travel, we tend to eat crap! I hope she has a good time..I've posted with her for quite a while now..

The Good Cook said...

Buffalo - I think Kate is one special person trying like the dickens to begin anew and find her place in this world. I salute her humanity, her intelligence, her honesty, humor and wisdom. AND she's getting to be such a good cook!

MsDarkstar said...

Fear Not! Happy Feet Friday is covered!

Having taken cross country bus ventures, they are not fun but lots of times it gets you from where you are to where you need to be economically.

Safe travels to K8! And thank you for the lunch tips, The Good Cook!

Pearl said...

I can't believe I'm missing the convention.

We expect all the details, of course.


The Good Cook said...

Every single detail must be painstakingly put out into the internet for all of us to comment on. I insist!

KrippledWarrior said...

I would follow Ms Darkstar anywhere.

Debbie said...

I love Willow!