HAPPY FEET FRIDAY! (Guest Edition)

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Hello all and welcome to Happy Feet Friday!I’m MsDarkstar and these are my feet! (And yes, the rainbow armadillo has sparkly toes!)

Your usual blog hostess, K8, is off conventioning and she asked me to guest blog! This is my first guest blog gig and since I got the Happy Feet Friday slot, I thought I would talk a little about the 20 feet that reside in my home.

So, you’ve seen my feet… Here are the feet of Mr. POSSLQ.

He would not paint his toenails for the picture. Something about hot pink not being a good colour for him. Hrumph!

So, that’s FOUR feet…Which catches us up with the other members of the household. All of whom have four feet apiece.

First, Diamond the Chinchilla…

Her opinion is that NOSE is much more important than FEET, as you can see from the fact there there is more chinchilla NOSE than chinchilla FEET in the picture. Diamond definitely has the smallest feet in the house. She is also quite good at holding things (like her favorite treat, RAISINS) with her front feet.

Pitr the tortoise does a pretty good job of hiding his feet.

But if you look closely, you can see them in the picture. (This is actually a pretty good picture as far as tortoise feet visibility goes) Pitr is a Russian Tortoise.

Next, we have Willow’s feet…

Willow also loves to stalk feet. Especially when the stalkee is sleeping. Or when he believes he cannot be seen and thusly believes his foot attack will be stealthy. The fact that he likes to CHOMP on the stalkee’s feet means that his nefarious plan will be vigorously (and usually LOUDLY) thwarted.

Finally, we have regal Miss Weedys’ feet. She does quite the nice Sphinx pose and also this little number:

Which has earned her the nickname “Little Miss CrossPaws”. It is amazing that such a little lady cat can feel like a ton of bricks when she decides to stomple upon you in the wee hours of the morning, crooning the Emo Kitty Opera.

So, now you know about the 20 feet that live in the Little Lair, Just South of Nowhere.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Happy Feet Friday! I know K8 has at least one other guest blogger planned (I believe that will be Monday’s post) and I am sure she will have bunches to post about her adventures in Conventionland and the bus journey!

Thanks for coming by and Have a stellar weekend, everyone!


Sparkling Red said...

You have a pet chinchilla?

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of feet!

buffalodick said...

My cat is named Willow too!