If you ask me, the party hostess gets a raw deal.

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Hey Kate's people!

I'm Crissy. You may or may not know me but I'm the Queen of Fucking Everything. (Kate told me not to drop any f-bombs but I'm a rebel and also she's not here to stop me)

I'm sorry this post is so late today, but I had a huge party last night and I'm wicked, wicked, tired. I didn't even have any of the d-r-i-n-k because I knew I'd have to function today, but you know what happened to me instead?



So I'm still dysfunctional today despite my best efforts to keep it together.

It's a huge effort not to drink at a party, especially when everyone around you is cheers-ing and sharing the perfect margarita recipe. That's what makes our friend Kate such a badass, if you ask me. But enough about Kate. This is about me today because I'm tired and she doesn't even like you enough to blog on her vacation.

Hrumph. (she says that all the time, doesn't she? Hrumph. Is that even how she spells it? I don't know. I'm a bad friend.)

I probably shouldn't have had such a big party last night. It started out small, but then it grew and grew into a huge monster and can I ask you guys something?

When you throw a party, do you, at some point in the planning and prep stage, totally change your mind about having a party and instead of planning the party, you start planning your excuse for cancelling it? That happens to me all the time. I'm all "yeah! Let's have a party!" and then half way through buying groceries and paper plates, I'm all "what the HELL was I thinking? This is a lot of work! How can I get out of this?" But of course, by then I'm committed. I have to have this stupid party whether I stupid want to or stupid not. But then everyone gets to my house and I'm fine and happy to see them except I totally miss the party because I'm running around like a maniac refreshing drinks and making sure people know where the potty is and whatnot.

And then the next day I'm screwed because I'm tired, probably hungover, AND I have to clean up after the big event.

I'm sure this happens to everyone who throws parties, so my big question to you New Life-ers is why in the name of Sweet Baby Jesus does anyone ever throw a party?

I have to go now. I have a headache and I didn't even get to enjoy getting it. Hrumph!


MsDarkstar said...

Honestly, I can't even REMEMBER the last time I had a party. Because all of my friends are on the Internetz and not even REMOTELY close to where I live. So, I guess I dodge that bullet, eh? See, Crissy, you just need to not have any friends who live anywhere near you and then you too can be Party Planning Panic-less.

But, that means you don't even have people who you can have coffee or dinner or shopping outings with. And that sortve sucks. I mean, can a girl get a LUNCH DATE now and then? Sadly, if you are me the answer is NO.

And since your F-Bomb is part of your NAME and all, I hope K8 will be ok with it.

Party On!

Anonymous said...

big parties...overrated...too much work...

small get togethers...nice. high grace low maintnenance...

nuff said.

Malaise Inc said...

The key to successful party hosting is a pre-existing case of codependency. Then it never occurs to you to actually try and enjoy yourself.

Kristen said...

MsDarkstar-You come to RI and you've got a lunch date.

Todd- What started out as four guests kinda snowballed into a major event. I was going for small. I wanted small but then a friend invited a friend who invited a friend and oy. Where's the advil?

Malaise Inc.- BRILLIANT! I'll try that next time with a side of martyrdom to go with it!

Kelly Hogaboom said...

I had to use the smelling salts after seeing that F-bomb. But I recovered and am now ready to comment.

I don't throw parties often but I am a HUGE FANATIC at having ppl over for dinner. I love to cook. I spent the day before the 4th cooking. The more challenging cuisines or ppl with dietary restrictions the better. I love a cooking challenge. My husband does the cleaning while I cook and my kids just do the Awesomeness.

The only problem is we're a single-income family feeding four people, four cats, and six laying hens so the FUNDS for said fĂȘtes can be a bit hard to come by.

Nice to meet you, and very fun guest blogging today!

The Good Cook said...

I always create fantastic dinner parties with everything from soup to nuts to dessert and cocktails and the BEST wine and then don't eat a bite because I'm FULL from cooking it all and smelling it all and tasting it all in its various stages. Phew.

But it makes me happy to see everyone happy and well fed and well watered.

I guess that's why we keep giving parties.