Fertile Crescent July Edition Volume II

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When I can't write, you get pictures of my garden. These were taken in the gloaming of last evening. Isn't gloaming a wonderful word? The air was pink as the sun was going down. And not stormy green/pink. Just pretty, wonderful pink as the humidity cleared for the night.

The green of the garden is getting obnoxious as the summer continues. I love it. Wild-looking. Almost decadent. The nastursium seeds I stole from my dad are finally blooming. I love the colors of them. So bright! My mother has always loved nastursiums. I remember them from my childhood. Picking and picking and picking them for the biggest bouquet we could manage.
Look at the baby squash!
And the peas seem to be coming back for a second act. I thought they were done, but no. More flowers=more peas. Yeah for my freezer! And fresh homegrown peas in the dark of February when I want to stab someone in the neck, I'm so depressed.
For some reason, my green bean teepee makes me the happiest. It was the first trellis I dreamed up LAST February when the stabbies weren't going away. I love how it looks just like I pictured it in my head.
And here is a lone bean that's growing. I want lots and lots of green beans. I remember those from growing up, too! Hot, hot days spent blanching and freezing them on cookie sheets in the deep freeze in the basement and then when they were frozen, bagging them up for winter. I loved the green bean days. Canning? Not so much, but freezing, yes.
And remember the lettuce that croaked when I was in Texas? Well, I cut it all off at the quick and it's making a comeback! I may get another salad out of it yet.
And there you have it. I think I like growing it more than I like eating from it. But that's okay. I have a place to take it. The cook from Tallgrass saw pictures of my garden (Why no, you're not the only ones that have to suffer through pictures of my garden. I show them to everyone.) and she wants any produce I have to pass along. I think that makes me famous.


Non Sequitur Chica said...

My mom has a huge garden and ends up giving away stuff to doormen, people in her office, a local restaurant, etc.

Your garden looks great! We have been cutting our lettuce a bit differently than you though- we have been taking whole stalks from the outside of the plant and leaving some on the inside. It seems to be working (same with our swiss chard).

Anonymous said...

When you pick your green beans, do you get hives? Fancyhats and I both do so we're going to have the 4yo pick them this summer.

buffalodick said...


The Good Cook said...

Beautiful! And don't forget to throw some of those nastursium flowers and leaves into a salad as they are completely edible - like peppery cabbage!

Ink Spiller said...

There's a whole section in my front yard that's covered in nastursiums except I never knew what they were called in English. We used to have them in Sweden when I was a kid. Now I know how to address them appropriately though. :)

Summer said...

Everything is so pretty.

My tomatoes have died. The verdict is in. I can only grow shit that can't be eaten.

tattytiara said...

Frozen fresh peas in February as a cute for winter - brilliant. I'm definitely snatching some out of my boyfriend's garden to try that!

Tricia said...

great pics