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It's summer. It's the MIDDLE of summer. And I STILL fear the coming February. No kidding. I'm SO not over it from last year. Cowgirl's oldest was talking today about how excited she is to start high school in the fall and I was all "Laallalallala!" with my fingers in my ears because starting school means winter is coming and there is a bit of panic in my heart about that. I'm serious. This might be pathological.

But in the meantime, I'm soaking up all of summer's joys and rays to stock up on the Vitamin D I will be missing come the dark of winter. I burned the back of my neck today. Duh. I didn't think to put sunscreen there because well - there's always been HAIR there. But today was a perfect July day. So hot, you can hardly stand it. Which means that you're only happy in your bikini in the kiddie pool. Well - I would have been much happier in a bigger pool or lake, but you take what you can get when Cowgirl is having on and off contractions. You don't go too far from home.

Then we had the quintessential summer meal. Steaks on the grill with the first of the season corn on the cob and fresh heirloom tomatoes. I wish I'd had my camera to show you the tomatoes. I am a recent tomato eater. I've only started to like them about a year ago. But I can pretty much tell you that after eating the variety of heirlooms today (bought at the farmer's market along with the corn and other stuff I'll tell you about tomorrow) I probably have already become a tomato snob. We ate these long skinny ones shaped like peppers, which were green and yellow striped. They were my favorite. And then there were these dusky red/purple ones that came in a close second. And then the zombie tomatoes with the black/purple/green/red bruise inside of them that weren't quite as tasty, but were so novel, I just kept eating them. And something yellow, which as a new tomato connoisseur, I'm pretty sure weren't quite ripe, but whatever. How fun is that? To try all those different kinds? It made me happy.

I don't think I told you I joined a beginner's running club, the goal of which is to run a 5K on September 12th. We meet on Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. and Saturday mornings at 7 a.m. We're on the Run 3/Walk 3 (and then do it 6 times) week. And well? I keep hoping I'll start to enjoy it at some point? I mean, my legs want to go, go, go! They feel strong and happy and brave. But my lungs want to mutiny. I hate it. I SO MUCH WANT TO GO and then I can't breathe and that pisses me off and I know if I keep at it, they will catch up. They're supposed to with practice. But I was panting so hard today, I couldn't even enjoy it. And I want to enjoy it. Isn't that the point? For you exercisers out there. Does it get better? Does it really? Or am I just fooling myself. It freaking sucked. the last 3 sets. The first two were awesome. But I want to DO this. I want it so badly. Maybe I'm not supposed to be a runner. But this is ONE thing I'm going to stick with. And only because I told myself I would give it my best. Which means I will run/walk this 5K no matter what.

Doesn't hurt that our runner's group t-shirts are awesomely cute.


Shelley said...

I am supremely jealous that you have a running group! That is so cool - what great support and motivation! To answer your question, not all runs are great, you do get better at the whole "breathing" thing, and no matter how bad the run, I'm always glad I did it - when I'm finished. Wait until you see how your body changes with this - you will be amazed! I'm so excited for you to run a 5K - welcome to the club!!!

The Good Cook said...

Your lungs have to get in shape just like the rest of your body. Of course, quitting smoking would be a big help. :-) but you know that.

Now that you are a tomato snob I hate to tell you this but summer is the ONLY time you will get to eat them. Winter, store bought tomatoes are a travesty. A mockery of nature and never, never, no matter how red, how tempting, how lucious they may look, should you buy them. They will disappoint.

Summer - YEAH!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the tomatoes. Being a tomato snob is the only way to do it. I'm a strawberry snob as well. Fruits in general need to be in season from local farms.

Also, I too fear winter. Today is winter in Portland -- 57 degrees and I'm wearing wool and a scarf.

I hate this.

Sara said...

If you want to be a runner, you are really going to have to give up the cigarettes. Your lungs can't handle both!

Anonymous said...

I know everyone is going to come down on you about the smoking and yes, it will help to quit. But you do have to get your lungs in shape too. I don't smoke and last year when I joined the running club, I almost died too. It got better. I'm fat and lazy, so it was hard for me, but I did it. Then I got pregnant and lost it all, but still. I did it once and I can do it again.

I know a guy who is an ex-smoker. He used to run miles and miles while smoking a pack or more a day without issue. Some people can do it. Some can't. Just quit when you're ready, but not before or it won't stick (this guy tried to quit several times before doing it for HIM and not for others. that time it stuck).

Kudos to you on the garden, hair (awesome by the way), crazy doc, and running! I'm a little envious!!!!!

buffalodick said...

Good luck with the running!

Jen said...

You are doing great Kate, don't give up. I need to get myself into a beginners group too. Would love to run a 5K, but am in no shape to do so... yet! ;)