Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are For Kids

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It's Wednesday, which means it's a running day. We're up to: Run 13 minutes/Walk 2 minutes and then do it three times. AAAAAHHHHHGGGG! I was totally rocking the 9 minutes/2 minutes thing, so we'll see. My ankle has been giving me grief. It gets horribly swollen every time I run, even with icing and elevating it. I can't run every other day, I can only run every three days. The actual break site aches sometimes, but I have no idea where the swelling in my ankle is coming from. I'm pretty sure that if I'm going to keep running in the future, I'll need to have my bolts taken out of there. I had a consult a year ago about that. It's a simple office procedure. Slit the skin open, take a power drill and back those babies out and then stitch me up. I don't know if I get good drugs for that or not. Probably not. Hrmph. And then I walk out the door with about a month of low impact restrictions and then? I'm free to break it again. But apparently, once you break a bone, it grows back stronger? Plus, I'm not taking the actual rod out. The one that goes from my ankle to my knee. Just the bolts that held it in place when it was first pounded in there. So, we'll see. In the meantime, I have a race to run. 18 days from now. Wheeeee!
Last night, I went with my girlfriend and her two dogs to Woofstock. Every year, before they drain the city pools, they have a night where you can take your dogs to "swim." It was PACKED! It was INSANE! Dogs running and jumping and barking and chasing other dogs and this poor, poor rabbit somehow got into the mix at one point. But everyone was so, so happy and laughing and smiling in the sunshine and cool fall air. What a joyful thing it was! I totally want a dog now.



Malaise Inc said...

Remember RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevation.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

What a bummer about your ankles. We tend to take a dose of Alleve in our house to help with our growing (old) pains.

I love the idea of Woofstock ... man, I wish they'd do that around here. Crazy or not, it'd be such fun to see dogs in pools. Though, I guess we'd have to go without SoMi, since she can't really swim. ha.

KT said...

Good luck tonight!

I would love it if they had Woofstock around my area. Fuzzy Britches would be SO EXCITED. She gets so frustrated when she sees water and we don't allow her to get wet.

You should totally get a dog!

kilax said...

Woofstalk sounds so funny!

I wish I could say something to help with your ankle. I just hope the swelling stops before your race!

Sara said...

We used to do that event here too - we called it Poochapoolooza. Then the state health department found out and banned them in the state of Illinois. Guess all those dogs in the water = loads of bacteria and germs!

Shelley said...

Woofstock sound awesome!

Interesting about removing the bolts - my son has plates and screws in his arm that bother him every time it rains (yes, he's really an 80 year old man in disguise). Didn't realize it was such a simple procedure to remove them.

You are doing so great with the running...I am more and more impressed every time I read what you are doing!

The Good Cook said...

Woofstock sounds amazing. And fun. Today I am going to find one thing to be happy about. Maybe it is that you got to go to Woofstock.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Reading that about your ankle totally made me wheezy. Ouch!

But a race in 18 days?! Wow. And you are doing it!! So proud of you!