Arming Up For Winter

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Wahoo! First off, did you click on the link yesterday? Because I'm writing on the blog for runner's club. That makes me famous. AND because I talked two of my friends into joining the new 5K group, our running club coach offered to do some personal training for me, free - the first of which was last night. My legs are strong. Yes. I've always had strong legs. But my arms? Wimpy McWimperson. I couldn't even do ONE normal push-up. Then we tried one with a low step. Nope. Then we tried with the step set on it's highest setting and I managed 4. Hahahaha! I was laughing everytime I fell down. Good thing I don't take myself too seriously because there were some very, very attractive and fitttttttt men working out and if our coach hadn't been there, I would have been way too intimidated to do any of it. My gym is a little more low key. Lots of people who look like me, get red in the face, pant and sweat a lot. Much better. Because she prescribed some balance and core work and I most definitely will fall over. It's fairly certain that I will NOT be picking up men at the gym because of my form or fitness.
Are the trees changing at your house yet? Because they are here. I've resigned myself to the fact that winter is coming and that I had better start to enjoy fall before it too, goes away. New Life Mom and Dad came to visit on Sunday and we sat in the late afternoon sunshine in the backyard while I gave them the garden tour. New Life Dad asked what I was going to do when the garden was done for the year. As in - I've been obsessed with it since May and it is my most favorite hobby. I said I didn't know. I don't KNOW. That kind of scares me. New Life Mom taught me how to crochet on family vacation last August, but that just doesn't hold much appeal for me. I'm scared that without the garden, I will dive back into my hole for the winter. If you've been reading for any amount of time, you KNOW how much pleasure gardening gives me. And you KNOW how much I dread February. Help me, internet. I need some suggestions for winter hobbies. I've come so far this year and I don't want to undo any of it. I have to stay out of the darkness. I really do. It's not good for me there.


KT said...

There are herbs that you can keep over winter. They aren't quite the same as veggies, but you can still use them in your cooking. Last year we kept things like rosemary, thyme and sage going and saved a bunch of money on herbs at the store!

Keep up with your running. You may have to do it on the treadmill, but it's better than slipping on ice and hurting yourself.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I hear shoveling is a prosperous wintertime activity in your parts. Maybe you can become a shoveling pro. Or snowshoeing. Or cross-country skiing. There's lots of winter-time things to get you outside your hole!

The Good Cook said...

My friend and I are starting back to working on our quilts. AND we've decided to start a monday night cooking club. Four of us, rotating between each other's homes. Last night was Myrna, our Mayan Princess's night. Oh my... I'll have to do a post on the food. Fantastic to have someone feed me their traditional food. She hugged me and said, sit down, mi casa es su casa then stuffed me.

I don't know how I feel about winter yet. In some way, I say, bring it on. Snow, sleet, rain, ice. I'll just hibernate and lick my wounds. On other days I am dreading the dark.

I start grief counseling tonight. It is one on one. I'm not ready for a group - too much sadness. I just want to focus on my own sadness.

Sparkling Red said...

In answer to your question, the tree outside my house had beautiful green leaves all winter, but they are now crisping up and turning brown. The tree across the street, also a Sugar Maple, is resplendant in firey reds and oranges. My tree looks half dead. I wish I knew why my poor tree was so sad!

Malaise Inc said...

It's fairly certain that I will NOT be picking up men at the gym because of my form or fitness.

Yeah, but you got a nice smile and a great rack. That makes up for alot.

I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?

artemisia said...

We've already had a few freezes! But! Now it is in the 80s and will be all week. WTH?

The trees are turning and it is pretty damn gorgeous. I am trying not to cry about winter coming, though. Oh, I am trying.

Anonymous said...

Once the weather starts getting colder, I get addicted to knitting socks and crocheting afghans. Both of my dogs have their own personal, hand-crocheted afghan (I get teased mercilessly for this, but they love them). And I have several pairs of socks that I knit from Harry Potter yarn.

Yeah, I said it - Harry Potter yarn.

The pattern makes absolutely no sense, but I like to tell myself a story as I'm knitting (oh, yellow with black flecks - this must be when Harry and the gang found out about Lupine!).

Also, I am a nerd.

Also, also - you will feel like a BEAST when you can do push-ups. I can only do maybe 10 or 15 in quick succession, but when I bang them out it makes me want to run around my small gym and give everyone a high five, even the snooty guy on the stair master.

Kristen said...

You are going to hate me for saying this, but I think you should get a little dog. It would make you gloriously happy to snuggle and enjoy your books with a little doggie.

Anonymous said...

A winter hobby. Sitting in a hot tub? Sleep? Will you still run? That seems like as good a hobby as any.

My winter hobby is going to be reading by the fire and flying to warm places. Also trying not to jump from a bridge.

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh, Kate, I LOVE lifting weights, and I love push-ups. Or rather, I love being able to do push-ups, and I like when I'm done. You are going to feel like a rock star when you can.

Jen said...

Look at you training extra for running! Yay!
Yep, Fall is definitely here too. Leaves are all orange and yellow and everywhere! My car never stays clean these days.
Hobbies for winter? Hmmm, does sleep count? I would so sleep more if I had the time.