Happy Feet Friday

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No pictures. I'm dashing this off via email. Did you know you could post that way? It's like magic!
My race is on Sunday. I'm super excited. But now I'm nervous because of my stupidy knees. I hope they don't give me a repeat performance on race day. I iced them up for an hour last night after a short 2 mile walk. They are much better today. And after walking those 2 miles? My preferred mode of transportation these days is running! Walking was so boring! Even Britney Spears couldn't keep a bounce in my step. (Seriously. I listen to her when I work out. She's the trainwreck celebrity that I follow. Cowgirl follows Lindsay Lohan. We all have one that we're secretly rooting for.)
I also made a tomato cream sauce last night that was divine. Blanched and blitzed cherry tomatoes, garlic, a bit of onion and some cream. Salt and pepper over whole wheat pasta? I am the QUEEN of using up my cherry tomatoes. Any ideas on what to do with green ones? Because it's eventually going to frost on me in these parts- sooner or later. And those monster plants are STILL blossoming and making baby cherry tomatoes. Also, they have becoming so tall and gangly (If they stood up straight, they'd be at least 10 feet tall), that they finally fell over the fence into the neighbor's yard. I told her she could have anything on her side. And some from my side, too. All she had to do was ask. Or come over and steal. There's a crime wave in my neighborhood lately. Someone got murdered and then was burned up in their car two blocks from my house while I was on vacation. And someone got shot last week, two blocks in the other direction. Stealing tomatoes is negligible. Also, I'm no longer allowed to walk to the convenience store.
As if Gay Boyfriend gets to say where I go and how I do it, but he had a point.
I hate it when he makes a point that's worth listening to. Kind of makes me want to bean him over the head with a skillet. But I won't. Because he'd just whine about it and then I'd have to listen to THAT nonsense.


clearness said...

Remember my home made cherry tomato planter (the home made topsy turvy)....it made ONE cherry tomato. I'm a terrible gardener.

Glad you have lots of tomatoes. I would just pick them right before frost and try to see if they will ripen on the window sill and then soften up a bit after getting red by putting them in a brown paper bag.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Good luck with your 5k. I have signed up for one, too. So, what, I can't run 1k. The more I do, the more I can do. And this one is for charity so, you know, I got that goin' for me.

Be kind to your knees. I predict you will need them.

artemisia said...

Good luck on your race! sorry I haven't commented lately; just been buried at work and such.

I am cheering for you!

KT said...

Good luck with your race! You are doing to do great! Make sure to ice your knees this weekend and you could pop an Advil before the race if they are feeling sore.

I find that walking is EXTREMELY boring if I am in shape to run.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

The race! It's this weekend! And you're seemingly ready and stoked for this race. I'm so excited for you. Here's hoping you have great weather and a great experience - both are well deserved!!!

Lemon Gloria said...

I totally listen to Britney when I work out! Fun dance music keeps you moving!

As for the crime wave - yikes! I didn't know you had that kind of crime in SD. I thought you were all Midwestern and nice to each other.

The Good Cook said...

Mmm.. I love green tomatoes.

Pickle them
Dip them in tempura and fry them
cut them up and make green salsa

Just a few suggestions. My poor garden has been neglected for a month now. I picked tomatoes last night and eggplant and basil this morning. I didn't even bother to pull weeds. sigh. from joy to sorrow. That's just the way it goes this year.

melissalion said...

That sauce sounds divine. You are going to rock that race!! W00T!

Malaise Inc said...

Good luck.

Sparkling Red said...

What is it with tomato plants? Anyone I know with a veggie garden always ends up with a surfeit of tomatoes. I have a bagful on my counter as we speak, donated by someone who needed to find takers for a bumper crop. I do believe mine will end up over gnocchi.

Can do mom said...

Mmmmmmm - Love cherry tomatoes! Your tomato sauce sounds heavenly.

I hope your race goes well. I know what you mean about walking being boring. If I didn't have my sister or the dogs and beautiful trails in fields and woods to entertain me I'd be bored too. It's better than the indoor cross trainer though!

Happy running!

P.S. Stay safe!

Meigan said...

Good luck today, baby! Have so much FUN!

carrster said...

How did it go?!?

my33people said...

Wait, someone got murdered and then burned in their car? What!? How does something like that even happen?