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We did our final training run last night for the 5K on Sunday. 37:40! Yeah me! I have no idea what my time will be like on race day, but I don't really care. Finishing with a smile on my face is the goal. We ran in the rain. I was kind of excited to do so. Weird, huh? I'm not sure why I thought that would feel so freeing, and I was not disappointed. Something about splashing through puddles and dodging wet tree branches made me feel decadent. That, and there really wasn't anyone else on the trail. Just us girls. I run alone now. I had two women that I partnered with in the beginning and even though I was sad to leave them behind, I had to. And I'm not as fast as the skinny ponytail girls up front. I'm smack in the middle. But I'm strangely okay with that. The group itself motivates me, but I'm a solitary kind of girl. There's always someone who finishes before me who is cheering me on at the finish, and I get to welcome in the people behind me. But during the run, it's just me. It suits. It really does.
I'm sad to say though that I did something awful to my knees last night. I'm not sure what happened, but right around the 2.5 mile marker, they just seized up. And like an idiot, I kept running, thinking it would go away. I'm going to chalk it up to running differently - more carefully - in the rain, hoping not to slip. They still ache this morning, but man alive, that last mile was horrid. The minute I stopped, they quit hurting, but this morning was a little touchy going up and down the stairs. I have no clue what happened. I just hope it all goes away before Sunday. Any ideas from the peanut gallery?
And last, but not least, I'd like to say that only real runners, run in the rain. Right?


Lemon Gloria said...

Yikes! Ibuprofin. And I don't know what else (I never know if it's heat or ice you're supposed to do), but I do know knees are really important. Take care of them.

Anonymous said...

'Finishing with a smile on my face is the goal.'

may you finish with a smile from ear to ear dear lady...

Ink Spiller said...


Gentle massage (use any old body lotion to help if you don't happen to have massage oil) and perhaps heat packs (works for me but like Lemon Gloria I get confused with this one, there's seems to be conflicting info). Some sort of deep heat cream may help too (increase circulation).

For future, unless you are taking fish oil start taking it. For some people it works wonders in the long term.

Good luck Kate!

Anonymous said...

You're a middle girl! I wrote about those runners in my book, Swollen. I'll send you a copy.

ANYWAY! You're strong and awesome.

kilax said...

That sounds similar to my knee pain. Ice those bad boys!

Ibuprofen can dehydrate you, I've heard, but it should not be a big deal for a 5K (just that the meds never helped me).

Good luck and have fun!

I think it's a blast to run in the rain!

Anonymous said...

My dad swears by that joint juice stuff for his knees. but he doesn't run. ibuprofen and alternating heat and ice may help too.

And absolutely only real runners run in the rain! My hub is a big runner who WILL NOT run inside on a treadmill, so come hell or highwater, he's out there running. And he's a real runner - like you :)

Shelley said...

I think running in the rain is fun because as kids we (at least I was) were made to come inside when it was raining. Glad you enjoyed yourself - hope your knee is feeling better.

I recently bought a big bag of frozen peas to keep on hand for my left knee - it sometimes bothers me after a run. Ice (well, pea ice) and Motrin seem to help.

Kristin said...

Ouch! Been there. I can't run anymore due to my bum knee. : (

The Good Cook said...

LOLOL.. that last line came right out of TBHITW's mouth. I never ran in the ran. And he always told me, "only real runners, run in the rain".. and he'd ask, what are you going to do if it's raining the day of the race? you have to train for that and I always replied, I'll sleep in!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kate 37:40 is awesome! That will be the day I run for that amount of time uninterrupted. Wow!