A Beautiful Fall

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We truly are having a lovely fall. It has been years since we've had fall. Usually we just go from 90 degrees to 20 overnight. Sandals to wool socks in one fell swoop. We've had an entire month of days where you wear a jacket and socks in the morning and by the afternoon, you're in sandals and short sleeved shirts, only to get the sweatpants out as the sun goes down. It's gorgeous. Layering for running on Saturday morning. I got to "lead" the 5K group since our trainer was gone. It was a great run! And I had NO intentions of going to the Halloween Dance on Saturday night, but Cowgirl told me she needed "backup" since she was taking all three of the Munchkins. Teenage Angst would not deign to go to such a thing. No way. No how. Hahaha! So, while I was napping on Saturday, I came up with the idea to be Julia Child. Look at me! I rock Julia Child, no? Cowgirl was a hooker? Ala Pretty Woman, or something.
The whole gang. Munchkin Number One was a "Vampire Princess." Munchkin Number Two ended up being a dragon. It was a potshot whether or not calling her a dragon or a dinosaur was going to send her over the edge into tears. In fact, by the end of the night, when she was standing in front of me, sobbing so hard that she couldn't tell me what was wrong, we KNEW it was time to go. That girl was TIRED. Munchkin Number Three was a cute little lion.
I'm not quite sure what's going on with my cats. I'm wondering if something is wrong with Kiki - my eldest. I know that she's pretty much blind. But Dax and she have never been good at sharing space. And here they are, within inches of one another on Sunday afternoon. I wonder if he's protecting her? I don't think she's ill, but he's been awfully close to her physically lately.
The fall colors are coming and going quite quickly. I think last weekend was the peak for color, and I missed it.
In other news, I did something horrid to my right foot on Saturday during running club. When I got home, I had this twinge on the outside of my ankle that kind of shot down into my heel. I'm sure it didn't help that I wore four inch heels on Saturday night. But by Sunday morning, I was limping like crazy. Our coach instructed me to lay off the running until at least Tuesday. You all know how well THAT went over. And I iced it like crazy last night and now this morning, it's even worse. It feels more like I pulled my achilles tendon. It's all in the back and then down into my heel. HELP ME, INTERNET!


The Good Cook said...

You DO rock a mean Julia Child! I love all the pictures of the littles too.
We're having a beautiful fall also. But Friday night a nor'easter blew in and a huge branch on my 200 year old oak tree broke. The branch fell on some electrical wires and the wind was howling and the sparks were flying and the police had to come and the electric company and the city works people.
And well, they cut that limb away and told me the whole tree has to come down.
I SOBBED. We love that tree. It shades the entire front of the house and the kids have jumped in its leaves forever.
The city is supposed to come today or tomorrow to cut it all the way down.
Oh, and the city workers? They look like the band members of ZZTop. So if you were ever wondering what ZZ Top does when their not touring. They are here, in my town, cutting down trees.

KT said...

Great Halloween costumes!

Not sure what is wrong with your ankle/heel. If you were saying that you had a tight calf muscle and heel pain then I would think that you inflammed the same thing that I did (plantar fasciitis). I hope whatever it is that it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Look how slender you are. What a pretty Julia Child! Here's the real question -- did you do the voice too?

And Julie Child -- talk about someone who love LOVED life.

Jen said...

You totally rock Julia Child! And you're looking great! Wow!
The ankle? Ouch! I hope it gets better soon.

Shelley said...

Huh, I though I had commented here but I guess it was our emails where we were chatting. Sorry! Love the Julia Childs - great idea! Your height and that apron are perfect for her character. Love that Cowgirl was a hooker, LOL.

I hope your older cat is ok...not to scare you, but our mean cat, Mabel, turned nice about three weeks before she died. We were all "NOW you want affection???" Dumb cat, made us feel even worse! She was 15 year old, so she had a good life, even if she was cranky most of the time. Maybe Kiki is just cold?

Chris K said...

I guess it probably would be mean if I told you about the time I went an entire year without ever wearing a jacket.

Kristen said...

That was the most awesome costume EVER! You totally rocked it! Well done, woman!

kilax said...

How is Kiki?

I love your costume! And damn, you have nice legs.

I am sorry your hurt your ankle (and that I am so far behind in reading). Did you keep icing it? No more heels!

Lemon Gloria said...

You make the BEST Julia Child! And now I kind of want a whole group of kids to go as Julia Children. Heh. Dorky, I know.