Happy Feet Friday

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No picture today, but my tootsies were cold this morning walking in to work. I had a jacket on, but no socks. I can't. Not yet. Did you know that by this time last year, it had already snowed three times? THREE TIMES! And if you read back in last October's archives, I was HAPPY about it.

I suppose having persevered and not stuck a fork in my neck last February out of sheer desperation, I should have a level of confidence going into this winter, but I'm not feeling it. Last winter was scarring. Simply scarring to the soul. But. We all know I'll be just fine this year too. I will just whine about it on the regular. Feel free to visit another blog.

But for the time being, my garden is still going strong. I picked a pan full of green beans last night (Yes. In October. Green beans!), blanched them, then browned them in butter with garlic. Gay Boyfriend ate them all. He came down and I offered him a few to try. They were gone in less than a minute. Good thing I wasn't that hungry. I need to do something with the glut of cherry tomatoes I have sitting in the kitchen at the moment. Tomato paste perhaps? I'll have to google it. And I am patiently waiting for the first real frost to pluck the parsnips from the ground. Although pluck is not really the word. Those suckers must be huge. They don't budge one centimeter when I tug on them. I'll have to extricate the pitchfork from holding up one of the tomato plants to get them out of the ground.

I would like to disappear for the weekend. I wanted to go camping again. Remember when I went last year? But I'm not going to afford it this year. Contacts and running shoes come first. Funny how your priorities change over time, no? Running shoes before camping? Again I say, "Who IS this woman that inhabits my body these days?!"


Anonymous said...

Hop a last minute flight to NYC and join me for the weekend! I've got a free hotel room and an extra ticket to the Meet the Breeds show.

MsDarkstar said...

Oh... I meant to tell you that Mr. POSSLQ and I did Green Beans ala K8 (sesame oil and garlic) and they were heavenly!

Also, should you need to escape the dreary, y'all can come visit Just South of Nowhere!

Jen said...

You always have a place to stay in Chicago! And winter? Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that either.

Kristen said...

I put off having my own hair done so that I can bring the dog to the groomer or have my daughter's hair done. Priorities totally shift. Ironically, while typing shift I accidentally typed "shit" instead. Freudian Slip, perhaps?

Shelley said...

Girl, put some socks on!!! I had to pull a pair on this morning in my house...it was chilly.

Glad you have your priorities! Get those running shoes asap - your whole body will thank you.

Will you be running tomorrow morning? I need to know who will be "with" me on my long run!

Kristin said...

Sounds like you're on the healthy train to me! I cope with what life throws at me so much better when I'm working out on the regular!

Can do mom said...

Yay for running!

Boo for no camping!

Life is full of choices, some hard, some easy.

Last fall was brutal, this year it's been beautiful and warm. I love it.

Keep on picking and enjoying those green beans as long as they're growing. You must have a great green thumb!


Sparkling Red said...

Whine away if you need to. Goodness knows I've been whining today. :-)

E said...

I think this is a good time to start reading travel books and planning a Feb vacation. I am looking foe winter strategies for Feb March and April...maybe especially April. I'll let you know if besides chucking it all and moving to an island, I come up with anything.