Happy Feet Friday

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A Happy Feet Friday full of sulk because I am wearing real shoes. Check out those stylish footie socks. Fashion icon, I am not. I have flip flops in the car for the warmer afternoon, however. Because I go straight from one job to the other tonight and then out to the farm to watch Munchkin Number 3 while Cowgirl is at work. Wheee! A night of baby-love! I might just steal him.

We did this thing called "ladder drills" on the hill last night. We ran up once, walked down and rested for 30 seconds, then up and down two times, then rested for 45 seconds, then up and down three times and then rested and then did it backwards. Three, two, one! It was surprisingly attainable. I killed the hill! Go me! And my breathing was just fine. I suppose the couple of near freezes we have had helped with the pollen? Anyway. It felt good to have a decent run! I think we're going to try for 5 miles on Sunday. If I do it, that will be the longest I've ever run in my whole life! Isn't that exciting?!

I know. Running for five miles is the highlight of my life right now. Humor me, okay?


Lemon Gloria said...

Uh, I think I have footie socks like that...

And yay! Good for your butt! Good for your butt!

Lots of people can't run 5 miles. It is a highlight.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We all have our own strengths in running. Sprints might not be yours, but hills? Wow - more power to you - color me impressed!

Shelley said...

How awesome that you killed the hills - I'm so impressed!!! Glad that you are going to get a baby fix tonight. :)

And woohoo on running 5 miles tomorrow - I'll be running 9, so you'll be with me for more than half. We can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like great and awful exercise all wrapped up in one dirty package.

artemisia said...

I haven't done anything resembling that hill exercise since high school. You rock.

Also? Five miles? I've never run that much, either. I would be obsessing and telling everyone.

I am happy to listen/read about your accomplishments.

Go, Kate!

The Good Cook said...

My girlfriend and I just signed up for the Springlake 5 held every May. It was TBHITW and my kick off to summer every year. The run takes you along the beach and through this great little beach town. GF and I decided we would run it together next spring to honor him.

Five miles is a great goal! Go. For. It.
And thanks again for letting me go a little crazy. I'm better today. Phew.

kilax said...

5 miles?! AWESOME!

I love that you killed those hills! :)

Sparkling Red said...

Your sockies are cute.

You are crazy and amazing for running up and down hills voluntarily. I will run for the bus but that's all anyone will get from me.

P.S. Belated congratulations on your new apartment to be!

carrster said...

You rock.

PS - I wish you were here so you could steal some baby-love time with my wee one!! :)