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Guess what? I have some super happy news! You know how I've been dreading the dark winter? Thinking about how to make my dank and cold basement apartment a bit more bright and cozy? Well. I'm going to move. WAAAHHOOOOOO! Probably not until January because my new "garden level" basement apartment is still being built, but internet? It has WINDOWS. And LIGHT. And a BATHTUB! And my own door that walks right out onto the backyard patio. And a yard that is begging for a garden, which she said she would love for me to dig up and grow because she hates to mow. And well? It's only $50 more per month for rent and that's totally do-able. And it's all new in a newer house, so none of the musty basement smelling stuff anymore. And did I mention all the windows? And the fact that I can have a COUCH again?!  And it's still very close to my work and within walking distance of Dog Girl and Boy, Tiny, and Symphony Date. Internet, I am insanely happy about this.
Gay Boyfriend will not be happy when I tell him. Not happy at all. But I think it's the right thing for me. An upgrade on the home front that I think I have earned for myself by staying sober and working hard. I will miss the swing. But this is the right thing for me. I know it is. LIGHT!
And secondly? I wrote the last check ever to Fells Wargo last night. I am free from their tyranny and stupidity. I have a new debt reduction plan that works. One that means I will be completely debt free in two years. Now, all that's left is for me to move my investment accounts from them to my new local bank. I've already met with the financial advisor there and even though my hands were shaking while we were talking and I burst into tears after she left because it just feels like too much to handle, I did it. I hate dealing with money. It's something that my dad did for me and then The Dead Guy took over and well? I hate it. But I'm doing it because that's what 37 year old single women do, right? They deal with it because they have to. So, suck it Fells Wargo. I have banked with you since I was 15 years old and you were horrible to me this past year. Just horrible. I hope you fall on your big bank fat ass.
In other news, we are running hills tonight for running club. I've never done such a thing before. I'm strangely excited. I am not sure that I should be, but that's how I feel. Weird, huh? That I'm looking forward to punishing my body.


Summer said...

It sounds like a great plan has been set in motion. Sometimes change (when we're ready for it) is excellent for the soul. I'm glad things are coming together.

"...fall on your big bank fat ass." Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the move! Sounds like a great place, with windows and more light, which can do wonders for your mood and outlook. And I'd also be willing to bet that getting out of that damp basement you've been living in will make a difference in the lung problems you've been having recently.

Life is good.

The Pollinatrix said...

Wow. I'm so happy for you! Your move is truly exciting news.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Woohoo! Windows!

artemisia said...


You know, it is okay if Gay Boyfriend is upset. You so totally need to do this for you.

How exciting!

And good work on the financial front.

Now, go kick some hill's ass!

KT said...

Yay for the move! Sounds like it is something that you definitely need to do- even if Gay Boyfriend is not going to be happy. Just give him plenty of notice so that he can find someone else.

I wish that I could say that I would be debt free in two years. Congrats!

Good luck with the hills tonight!

Lemon Gloria said...

Oh, Kate, this is great success on all fronts! Congratulations on you taking your life firmly by the reigns and being totally in charge!

Light is so very important - it will make a huge difference! Happy happy!

As for hills, I kind of like them. They really work your butt. So you can run along saying, "This is good for my butt. This is good for my butt..."

Kelly Hogaboom said...

Congratulations! Moving can be such an exciting thing. I can't wait to see pictures.

And I know how good it feels to wash your hands of a bank that you loathe. I'm glad you're the happier for it.

Shelley said...

That is awesome news!!! I am so glad you will have the new place, not only to look forward to, which will hopefully help through the darker Nov/Dec months, but also windows! YAY! And yeah, don't worry about GB - you have to do this for your self preservation, and by god, you absolutely deserve it! :)

Congrats on being done with that evil empire. I find it hard to deal with financial matters anyway, and having a jerk bank makes it all that much worse. Glad you are done with them.

Now, the hills? One thing I found out is that my RC coaches wanted us to run up them FAST - what??? Hills AND speed? They kicked my butt; I think it's so cool that you are looking forward to them. Rah rah, go Kate the athlete!

MsDarkstar said...

A TUB, you say? Oh how happy happy!

I hope that Gay Boyfriend will still be Gay Boyfriend and let you come and sit on the swing and hang out.

So happy for you!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Stretch your calves before you do hills. Stand on a step and dip your heels down, etc. Trust me.

kilax said...

Yay! The new place sounds great! I am so excited for you :) And I totally get the excitement about the bathtubs. Love them!

And debt-free soon? YES!!!

Have fun on the hills! :)

carrster said...

Yay!! That sound fantastic! :) I'm sure you'll *miss* gay boyfriend but you'll gain so much light, space & bathtub! :)


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You're Movin' On Up! So excited for you to have more space, more light and hopefully a better life. If Gay Boyfriend is also a friend, he'll understand why you're making this move!

Anonymous said...

LIGHT!! If there's sun coming through a window, you could sit in that window! It's the simple things.

Jen said...

You're new place sounds great!!

Call me Kate said...

We call it Hells Fargo in my house... congrats on the move! I too just moved from my basement apartment into a house with windows... maybe too many windows, but that's what happens when people live underground... VERY happy for you :)