Filling The Time

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Push-up contestants! Are you still on board? Because if you are, you would have done 50 push-ups last night! I did! We are in the middle of week three, and considering the first time I tried to do push-ups in September, I fell flat on my face, I'd say 50 is pretty dang awesome. Onward and upward, my friends!

Yesterday, I did every single thing I could possibly do at work and left one thing to do this morning, just so I'd HAVE something to do. Sigh. On Wednesday, my clinic director brought a phone log print out, designed to show how fast incoming calls are picked up. The goal is within 30 seconds and of course, I got 100% every day except the day I was on a conference call and couldn't get off. But guess what? It showed how many calls you received per day. And well - I knew it wasn't very many, but 2? Days with 2 and 3 calls, and then two banner days with 12? Do you understand how very underutilized my talents are here? Sigh. I look for jobs every day. I apply for ones that sound interesting and I wait. I am very grateful to be employed in this economy, but my brain. It's melting.

So I try to fill my evening hours with things that are stimulating. Tonight we are going to a local college play, tomorrow, I'm making meatballs for Saturday's race potluck and Saturday, I have the race, then a fancy dinner and the symphony with Symphony Date. And in the midst of all that, I read. And read and read. And write. And cook. And create. While I wait.


justme said...

you'll find something soon. i'm sure of it. you are open and ready for it! :)

Shelley said...

Yeah, about that push up challenge...apparently I can't concentrate on two things at once, and the upcoming race has edged out everything else. Which is sad because I like push ups! Next week. I promise.

I feel ya on the boredom at work. It was like that for me at my last job - the days were torturously long. Crossing my fingers for you that a new, exciting opportunity comes up, and soon.

Anonymous said...

What about googling Congo? What about that?!?

Also, you're awesome.

artemisia said...

I need to start filling my nights with interesting stuff. Of course, now I am in the final haul of the masters and will be filling the evenings with that. But I want something INTERESTING that doesn't leave me feeling like a stupid impostor.

Hang in there!

Helen said...

Gah. I'm melting with you.

Pushups? I'm not in your challenge but it's arm burnout week at Muay Thai. On Tuesday we did 4 sets of 50 then ended the class with a set of 75. Does that count?

Shelley should be excused what with her big race and all. She's not supposed to do two things at once during taper.

Anonymous said...

You mean 50 with each hand, right? 2-handed pushups are for wimps...

Can do mom said...

WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! Wuss alert!

I am just a push-up challenge wanna-be participant. :(

I don't know what is wrong with my wrists but even holding onto my little barbells and keeping my wrists straight leaves me in so much pain I can't drive. Ugh.

So, I'm afraid I'm just a drop out.

I've got to figure out how I can strengthen my wrists so that I can try again.

In the meantime, carry on and best wishes in your quest!