Happy Feet Friday

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I had a picture for you, but blogger is being dumb right now, so I'm emailing this one in.
I'd like to warn you, that if the picture of my flax seed crackers didn't gross you out and you decide to make them? Um. If you do not normally have a heavy load of fiber in your diet? DO NOT EAT HALF THE BATCH in one day. That's all I'm going to say about that.
Busy, busy weekend. Going to see a high school friend's band tonight. I've never seen them - in fact I haven't seen this particular person since we graduated in 1991. The lead singer is the first person I "went with" in middle school. Remember that? A carefully folded note that says, "Will you go with me?" And then the drama that ensues the next day when you're no longer "going" with them because they gave a note like that to someone else that morning? Gah. All of it makes me queasy. Still. Obviously, I have not matured since I was 12. This may be why I think it suitable to pick up men in the psych ward. Except I don't go there anymore. I'm screwed. Or not, as it may seem.
I'm making meatballs to take to the potluck for the fun run tomorrow morning. I've been looking for a sugar free barbeque sauce recipe and not having much luck. Hrmph. Everyone thinks sugar free means you use Splenda or something. SO not on board with sugar substitutes. I'd rather use the real thing if I have to. Or do people put potluck meatballs in just a tomato sauce? How about a creamy tomato sauce? Or an alfredo sauce? Or a soy sauce kind of thing? I have no experience with meatballs and I have no idea why I'm dead set on taking them tomorrow. But I am. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery would be welcome.
But the best part about my weekend? Even better than the Southern Chocolate Pudding I am going to eat on Saturday night before the Symphony. Is the fact that I'm going to run. Run, run, run with my lady friends on Saturday morning. And that makes all the busy-ness just fine.


The Good Cook said...

Why not make swedish style meatballs?

Bake your meatballs. Do you have a crock pot?

Put brown gravy in the crock pot, still in 8 ounces sour cream, drop in the meatballs and let simmer away. My family loves these - comfort food!!!! No sugar.

Please don't do a creamy tomato sauce - that sounds awful. ;-)

The Good Cook said...
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Helen said...

You are just full of funny today. Thanks for the laughs!

Yes, hang the bikini on your kitchen wall. Maybe next to the fridge?

If I was making a beef meatball, I'd make them, put them in my crockpot and dump my homemade marinara sauce over them.

Otherwise, I might make Chicken Pesto Meatballs. Which require no sauce because they are so freaking good.

Anonymous said...

The good cook beat me to it. Swedish meatballs. I've never made them, but I believe you can warm them in the crock pot before going to the potluck.

What I'm saying is, don't listen to me.

Also, yes to 12. My first boy I went with has a very high level position in a very visible social media site. We follow each other on Twitter and Facebook. Oh life.

Sara said...

We make a meatball BBQ sauce that is 1/2 grape jelly and 1/2 chili sauce. If you find a jelly that is all natural, no sugar added it might fit the bill.

Also done one that is a can of whole cranberry sauce, russian dressing, and packet of lipton onion soup mix, but I'm guessing the dressing and the cranberry sauce have sugar.

Malaise Inc said...

If you haven't matured since you were 12, then you are ahead of those guys you used to "go with." As a rule, us males stop maturing at 8. That is what makes us so infuriating and adorable at the same time.

Anonymous said...

My mom makes the best meatballs and sauce in the universe. But alas, her recipe is a family secret that dates back to our 14th century ancestors in Italy, so if I gave it to you I'd have to kill you. Sorry.

Sparkling Red said...

Ha! Your flax crackers caveat reminds me of my father's story. Somehow, as a young adult, he got his hands on a big bottle of prune juice. He thought it was really tasty so he drank a whole bunch at once. He was ignorant as to its laxative qualities - but not for long!

Shania said...

We do the half grape jelly, half ketchup sauce. Sounds gross, tastes great!

Meigan said...

I didn't know Kaercher had a band. Have fun!

And kick some butt in your run this weekend! We are all still too sick to get out there, so you do it for us lady.

carrster said...

Did you enjoy the band?? (I'm a few days behind....)....Hope so!