Look At My Toes!

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I went running last night! Whoot Whoot! And I wore my toe socks that New Life Mom and Dad so lovingly picked out for me for a birthday gift. They are awesome! What's also awesome is that not all is lost in my short running career. I did: Walk 3, Run 9, Walk 3, Run 6, Walk 3, Run 6, Walk 3, Run 6. And then I walked to finish it off. I felt like a gazillion bucks! Whatever a gazillion bucks is. But get this. I didn't have my iPod with me! I treated myself to a new CD - Far East Movement. You know - the G6 song? Yeah. That one. And on Monday night, I was loading it into my iPod and forgot to put it in my gym bag. So I only had my head phones. Suck. I seriously considered leaving. I'm not kidding. I love my music. But you can hook your ears into the tv stations and I ran to Seinfeld. Not so bad, really. But music is much better in my opinion.

And I did it in my NEW RUNNING SHOES! You know, how when I started running and everyone was all, "You need to get some decent shoes!" And I was all, "Um. I have no money." Well? I saved. And then I shopped clearance. And I am very, very happy with my Nike Lunar Trainers. Of course, they are already discontinued, but I do what I can do, right? So, meet Rocky and Stella. Right and Left.


Helen said...

You are so funny! I wish I had some toe socks to send you just because you're so excited about them. I tried them and they're definitely not my thing.

My ONE question is, did you get your foot and your gait evaluated before you bought your running shoes? Because that's important. If you run in the wrong type of shoe, it can cause issues. So I hope yours are what you need.

KT said...

I want a pair of toe socks! They look comfortable.

How is the rest of that CD? I have "G6" on my iPod, but didn't check out the rest of the CD. Are the rest of the tunes worth it?

Anonymous said...

Oodles of posts to catch up on! Look at those toe socks! And yay for post-meltdown clarity.

Also toe socks. I keep seeing them. I think they should be incorporated into a Halloween costume.

clearness said...

Toe socks would totally rub me the wrong way........I get a bit tactile when it comes to stuff like that.

Shelley said...

I think you should draw little faces on each of your toe sock toes - that way you could have little ghosts staring up at you!

Your new shoes are so nice looking! Glad you had such a wonderful run in them. As for running to Seinfeld, that actually sounds different and fun. :)

The Good Cook said...

I don't like toe socks.
No sir-ee
I do not like them
They're not for me.

But your new shoes look awesome.

kilax said...

I am excited to hear what you think of the CD and new shoes.

And hurrah for running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Running shoes--if they are the right fit for you (learned words like "pronate" yet?)--are glorious! They make you WANT to run.

Jen said...

I thought those looked weird, and then I realized you were wearing toe socks! Duh! ;)