Deep Breath

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....and then let it out. It hasn't been a stressful week per se, but this actually having to WORK at my JOB is so very different for me. Add to that, the fact that I've pretty much decided not to fix my laptap for the second time, instead investing in another one, I haven't been living my online life the way I would like to. I didn't know how much satisfaction and enjoyment I got out of reading blogs until I couldn't do it. So, there you go. When I have a laptop at home again, be rest assured, I will come back to you. I miss you!

Boy Crush and his roommate inhaled almost a whole pan of enchiladas in about 15 minutes last night. I'd call that a success. I asked if they were saving any to take for lunch the next day and they laughed and said, "We'll probably finish it off after you leave." So, the agreement is - if they bring me back a CLEAN pan, I will fill it with something else and return it. Boy Crush's roommate immediately said, "Cookies?" Hahaha. It gives me great pleasure to cook for hungry men. Great.

In other news, while I'm off in la la land, happily busy at my new job, things are not all bunnies and butterflies in the lives of my compadres. And it pains me to see any of the people I love so dearly, hurting. This weekend will be all about reconnecting and snuggling in front of the fireplace, sharing our secrets and letting that sharing heal our hearts.

Also, running. There will be running this weekend. That 5 miler is coming up in no time!


Helen said...

Glad to hear that the enchiladas were a success!

Shelley said...

Working at work - coming from my old job, I so understand that! Miss you - hope you get your new laptop soon. :)

justme said...

i am so glad that you are loving your job...even though that it makes you so much more busy. maybe the outside life living needs some special attention? we will always be here!

kilax said...

You are just busy busy busy aren't you? I am happy to hear there is so much for you to do at the new job. And that you have people to cook for! That always makes me feel good (when people eat my food).

Anonymous said...

'It gives me great pleasure to cook for hungry men. Great.'

so good to hear that they were so appreciative...'cookies?' nice :)

so glad to see you enjoying your new job!

talk soon,

Anonymous said...

It won't let me leave a comment! I just wanted to say that your happiness will help your friends.

Sparkling Red said...

It sounds like your life is full. Maybe a little overfull, but in a good way. I'm happy for you! And I wish you resilience to keep up with it all.

Meigan said...

Can I say how awesome it is to hear you so happy???