Happy Feet Friday, Late

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So, I did a little retail therapy on Saturday. Clearance. It pays to have size 11 feet sometimes. I wore them to the Symphony with my new fur (fake, what do you take me for?) vest and skinny jeans. I was sexy. I didn't take a picture.

Last week was hard, Internet. Hard. Just get through it hard. And I'm still not sure I've recovered. I thought maybe I should go back to Carolyn. (And that thought remains. There is no shame in asking for help.) I thought maybe I should just hole up and wait for it to pass. I thought maybe that drinking might help. I did. I really did. Many, many tearful phone calls. Many sleepless nights. Many days spent sick to my stomach, wondering if the stress might make me lose weight. (Sick, right?) But I woke up this morning and thought, "The Universe will take care of it." Novel thought, huh? The thought that's gotten me through so much. So, so much. And I forgot it in the moment that I needed it the most.

I forget. I forget sometimes how The Universe has taken care of me over the years. How blessed I am that I'm still here. And these so-called problems? Are no problem at all, frankly. They momentarily took hold and wanted to destroy me. But they didn't win. The battle is not over, by any means. But The Universe reminded me this morning, of who I am. And who I am supposed to be. And that means letting go of things I can't control.

In other news, it's Spring. Officially Spring. That means something good is coming, right? Of course right.


clearness said...

I really love those shoes and yes, I also love that it is finally spring. My spirit needs it badly. Sounds like you will benefit from some spring weather too.

The Good Cook said...

You know there is nothing wrong with seeking and getting help when you need. To quote, "Therapy is a courageous commitment to one's own future". Hope this week is better.

Shelley said...

Nothing is worth drinking over...nothing. And please do pick up the phone anytime - I may not have the answers, but I have ears and a shoulder to cry on, should you need to. And you know what? It's HARD to remember that things will turn out how they are supposed to - in the heat of the moment. Glad you got the message from the Universe. :)

In other news, those shoes are adorable! LOVE them.

Lemon Gloria said...

Yes - good things are coming! They are! And spring always brings hope and freshness.

Love the shoes!

Hugs to you, lovely Kate.

carrster said...

Kate-I'm always here too if you need me. I am happy that you are trusting in the Universe - let it take care of you!

That photo is awesome! The shoes, the rug, your jean skirt (?) Love love love!!


Anonymous said...

Cute shoes!! And no, drinking always makes it worse. It's a depressant, you know? Also a crazy-maker. I'm pretty sure that's its clinical term.

Sparkling Red said...

Zappy shoes! You can walk through anything in those shoes, with the Universe at your back.

KT said...

Cute shoes! Spring means warmer weather, longer days and GREAT things to come for you. :-)

Jen said...

Love the shoes! Retail therapy does the trick doesn't it? :)
I'm glad you didn't drink and remembered that you will be taken care of, it will pass, it will get better. In the mean time, rock those shoes! :)