Beach Days

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The sun is doing it's healing properties on my soul. I am sunburned and happy. Two lovely weekend days at the lake and the pool. I've worn three swimsuits and four different kinds of sunscreen. All of them smell like bananas.

Munchkin Number 3 loved the sand. He picked up handful after handful and let it slide through his fingers. Sometimes tasting (and eating) it and sometimes just sifting through.
Dirty Ben and Cowgirl are together now. Dirty Ben likes to fish from his kayak. This beach is perfect for stopping in and picking up passengers. Munchkin Number 2 was not at all happy about this boat ride but did well for about 15 minutes.
And during said ride, Cowgirl looked over and said, "They buried my kid." And yes. Yes, they did bury that kid. But just his legs. He was pretty crabby when I swished him in the water to wash him off.
So they built him a sand puddle. He didn't like the cold water of the lake, but he was perfectly happy in his little puddle of warmer water. He splashed and splashed and squished sand to his heart's content.
The munchkins built "the best sandcastle ever" by hauling in sand from the lake. Apparently wet sand is better?
And we managed to take over an entire corner of the beach. Par for the course with 10 live bodies. The umbrella performed awesomely for the babe.
And here I am on Sunday night. I spent the day at the pool with one of the SPGs. ( Skinny Ponytail Girls) from Running Club. And I'm tired. Sun tired. Which means good tired. I'm coming around, Internet. I'm going to make it. It's going to be a glorious summer.



clearness said...

Awesome. Looks like great fun!

Shelley said...

Nothing like a great weekend in the sun with friends to fill your soul. That beach looks so nice! Hope you have many more happy days like this in the coming months. :)

Lemon Gloria said...

Absolutely. It looks and sounds like it's turned right around and has already gotten pretty fantastic.

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Helen said...

This perfectly describes summer for me... my very soul is filled when I'm at the beach!

Glad you are having some soul time too.

carrster said...

Sounds heavenly!!

I'm going to have to try that beach puddle idea for August this summer. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Summer is here! I accidentally forgot to wear sunscreen for my first few hours of soaking it in, and then the I remembered. And by remembered, I mean begrudgingly put some on.

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Jen said...

Damn right! :)