Lake Poinsett 2011

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Well, following that sick episode, I had to decide whether or not I was going to go camping as we had planned. I was still quite shaky on Friday, so Cowgirl and Dirty Ben went up on Friday night and I vowed to come in the morning. Lucky me, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Not sure if all was totally okay, but ready to go. I'd packed and showered the night before, so picked up the requested milk and ice and I was off.

Munchkin Number 3 had just woken up when I got there. Hello, baby!
Dirty Ben had just woken up too. Hello, grouchy.Munchkin Number 2 was so excited to exit her tent and see me, she threw herself into my arms. Hello lovely girl! And wearing a dress to go camping? Excellent.Her pensive fishing amused me. She was oblivious to the world. Her main focus was the bobber and whether or not it moved a single millimeter.Later in the evening when mommy and Dirty Ben went out in the kayak to fish, I was busy watching all the girls and the boy. When she started rummaging through the kitchen bin and emerged with the dish wand, I didn't think anything of it. She loves to do "experiments" with water and dirt and soap. But when I looked up and saw this, I asked what she was doing. "Washing my rocks! They are dirty! And they have germs!" Oh, my lovely girl. Washing rocks.Munchkin Number 3 fought sleep. Fought and fought and fought it. There was Too! Much! Action! I! Can't! Miss! So, when I sent the girls off to shower, he tucked in with a bottle and fell asleep in 30 seconds. What bliss. To fall asleep to the sound of waves on the shore.
This is what mommy and Dirty Ben were doing. Catching breakfast. We had fresh potato chip crusted walleye for breakfast on Sunday. What more could you ask for? Seriously.After the babe was asleep, it was time to party. It was overcast all day, but around 7 p.m. it got humid and hot. I jumped in.Directly followed by ZBear, Munchkin Number 2 and Munchkin Number 1. We had a blast. We found crawfish, shells, skeletons and all kinds of things in the water. That's why we had to wear our shoes. Too many poky things and old fish hooks.And when mommy and Dirty Ben came back, he took the girls out one by one to fish. This is a perfect Daddy and Daughter moment. He loves her so.Munchkin Number 2 had a really hard time. It was too dark to go out when it was her turn. The meltdown was loud and palpable until the negotiations of who got to sleep in Kate's tent started. It was her. She won. And I snuggled with her all night long. Her first statement in the morning, "Is it my turn yet?" Oh, yes. Yes, it is.Sunday dawned lovely and sunny. We tried to get Munchkin Number 3 to crawl. We hold him too much. He has no reason to be mobile. Munchkin Number 2 drags him by a leg to get him where she wants him to be. I pick him up when he cries. He face planted several times in this attempt at crawling. Teenage Angst is there in the background. She was brave to go camping with us. Her boredom tolerance is so low.Cowgirl and her boy.We ended the day with sunshine.
And the packing up started when the meltdowns were no longer tolerable or manageable. At one point, the kids were told to get in the ** car and Dirty Ben, Cowgirl and I muddled through the breaking down of camp, trying not to be angry with one another. It was ugly. But that's having to leave the loveliness of getting away. I'm sorry about that part, but I'm clinging to the good. I'm no longer sick. I'm rested. I got to hold the children and play in the sun. There's nothing more that makes me feel grateful in life. And that's something to celebrate.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I love how you had second thoughts about camping because you weren't feeling great ... but, in your recap of the trip, you speak nothing of feeling down. I think camping cures ills ... especially with water views like what you had! Lovely!

KT said...

Sounds like a great weekend despite the meltdowns. The water looked great!

Anonymous said...

So lovely. Camping and swimming!! Hello summer.

Shelley said...

You give the greatest recaps. I feel like I was there!

carrster said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. Sounds like just the cure you were looking for for that nasty virus!

We're going camping this weekend. Wish us luck!