I Really Am Blonde

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Just because I think you need to stay interested in my hair doings, this is the "I got up late" with a side of "I really don't care" thrown in.

Do you think my lack of girly knowledge about hair and makeup, fashion and perfume is why I never get asked out on dates? My brother says it's because I'm intimidating. I mean seriously. Intimidating? Yeah, I'm 5'11'' and sometimes I laugh too loud. Is there anything really wrong with that? I'm very smart. How is THAT wrong? And I seem to be quite funny at times. That's intimidating? And if I wasn't intimidating, what else is wrong with me? I think about these things, you know. And they bother me.


Holly said...

screw a man who judges you by whether you can do your hair and makeup. who wants to be with a guy that worried about appearances???

intimidating? i dunno, you weren't to me when we met and let's remember I'm a whole 12 inches shorter than you :)

Sweetly Single said...

I always think about those things too... I'm 5'9 and don't do the girly girl thing... well guess what... once you find the dating pool that isn't into the fragile princess types....you are going to be treasured for all your quarks

s. said...

you have GREAT hair! it is so curly and carefree and fun just the way it is! i wish my hair could do that. oh men shmen. they think we are intimidating even if we are girly. trust me.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment!

Can you take stitches out? I need that service pretty soon. Hehe. I'll have to hang around and read you more often.

GreenCanary said...

HOLY CRAP! I was told by a loved one that boys don't ask me out because I'm intimidating! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! We really ARE related! Dude... You must come to MD, STAT. Or I to South Dakota. Our intimidating mojos must be fused together so that we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD.