Tragedy In The Crescent

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Well, we've had our first summer tragedy. Why is the spaghetti squash all wilty like that?! Well, I took the wilty stem and followed it down to the source. Something ate the roots.
Look at that. Hungry little varmints, whatever they are. Wood bores, maybe? Every single stem was like that.
No matter how much I love my garden, I am ruthless. RUTHLESS, PEOPLE. So I pulled it all out and put it in the wood pile. Far away from my garden. Because whatever's in there better not get my other squash. The naughty chair is lonely once more.
So, I went in and cooked. Because cooking always makes me feel better. Look at my Wando Peas! These aren't shelling peas. These are the kind where you eat the whole thing. But I don't like the stems, so I cut them off.
And look at my pretty yellow summer squash, straight off the vine. See how lovely it is! Have I ever mentioned that my cutting board is in the shape of a cow? Yes. It is. A cow.
Pretty much the same treatment as the green beans from yesterday. Sauteed in olive oil (I ran out of butter. Who runs out of BUTTER? Single people do. That's who.) with minced garlic, red pepper flakes, a splash of toasted sesame oil and another of rice wine vinegar for good measure. So basically, dinner was things I grew. All by myself. In my garden. How COOL IS THAT?
In other news, the internet is still broken at home. Gay Boyfriend apparently has not been keeping up on the bill. Really? You have a billion television channels that you pay a gazillion dollars every month to watch while I don't even have a working television and you can't pay the measly internet bill? Sigh. Since this is not the first time this has happened, I'm looking into internet for myself. And there's this company that sells you a wireless modem that talks to their towers all over town and then you pay them $20 a month. I didn't think that was bad. And if I ever move out, I still have it. Internet, how I love thee. I can take you wherever I go.

You do realize that if civilization as we know it ever collapses, I will be in a fetal position, cuddling my cats to my chest, crying over the internet. Not the nuclear bombs, or coming ice age, or giganto meteors that smash into the earth. The internet. That's what I'll be crying over.


justme said...

YUM! but oh so angry about your spaghetti squash! how dare they! i'm so impressed with your gardening prowess!

Anonymous said...

But if the world collapses, you'll still be able to harvest food. It'll be all radiation-y but whatever.

I too love the internet.

Holly said...

I'm on a full fledge hunt to take out all bambi's in my neighborhood b/c of their eating habits. I'm praying my cukes make it after they decided to chomp on nearly all the leaves. And now I have to buy tomatoes instead of eating the ones out of my garden.

Curse you bambi! Curse you!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

You have to be brutal with gardens. Last night we pulled out almost all of our tomatillo plants because they were choking out my romas. BRUTAL!

buffalodick said...

Just critters trying to get a square meal, I guess..

Anonymous said...

The squash and those Wando Peas look yummy! But now I'm going to have nightmares about life without the internet.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Dig deep on that wireless internet option. I know in my old building, we considered it, but the connection was going to be slow with expected outages. Things might have changed since then. I hope so for your part.

Your beans ... they're so pretty!

GreenCanary said...

Yah, so you might be without Internet when the EARTH COMES TO A HORRIFIC END, but at least you'll have squash. Unless, of course, the Earth ends because the super volcano beneath Yellowstone erupts. If that happens, you'll be one of the first to go. S'been nice knowin' 'ya, Katie.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful veggies - and $20 is an excellent price for least I think so.

justsomethoughts... said...

beautiful stuff y'got there

mind if i grab a few of those peas ?

Kelly Hogaboom said...

There's no excuse for running out of butter, Kate.

No excuse.

It freezes great, I buy it on sale like a hoarder.

That sauteed squash looks amazing and delicious.

And the internet makes me cry every day.

The Pollinatrix said...

I'm sorry about your tragedy. My whole summer has been one gardening tragedy after another, personally. Between cats and toddlers and no rain and weeds and bugs, I'm feeling very, very discouraged. Very.

Debbie said...

I always get squash vine borers and lose all my squash every year.
Love your cutting board!