Eggs and The Gay

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I wowed you with my picture this weekend, I just know it. I am gorgeous in the morning, no? I frighten myself sometimes - especially when I forget that I chopped all my hair off.

I did the AIDS walk on Saturday with some of my friends. I was surprised that there were so few people there. I really was. And the vast majority of them were homosexual. I am constantly surprised that people still think of AIDS as a disease of The Gay. But then again, I live in South Dakota. One of the reddest states in the nation. Frankly, and sadly, I'm also surprised that Gay Boyfriend doesn't experience more hostility than he does. I don't know what the neighbors say about him when they go inside their houses, but they are all very pleasant. I think the ones across the street think we're married. I don't tell them otherwise. Their political yard signs scare me.

In other news, I finally committed to a "lean and green" eating plan. I want more energy for running, so I got some hints from our trainer and I started today. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. Sadly, it does not include the entire bag of Fritos that I ate last night in preparation for changing my ways. Why do people DO that?! I am a dork. Really. But for someone that doesn't like breakfast, there was no way I was going to get all 4 hardboiled egg whites choked down. I think I managed two. I mean, I LIKE egg whites with lots of pepper, but four of them was just too much. I found out that Gay Boyfriend bought Food, Inc. and I started watching it last night. I didn't get very far because it was getting late, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to buy my eggs at the supermarket anymore. Good thing Cowgirl keeps me supplied.


Malaise Inc said...

4 Hardboiled eggs? Are you trying to eat better or star in a remake of "Cool Hand Luke?"

The bipolaRNurse said...

No fritos? Huh. With all that running there could be some wiggle room for some fritos. Then again the meal plan would be called crunchy and greasy idk.

Kate said...

The eggs bit reminds me of a lyric from "beauty & the Beast," where Gaston sings about how many eggs he eats & says, "I'm roughly the size of a barge!" Haha.

Glad you did the AIDS Walk. I can't bear how hostile so many people still are toward the gay community, especially in their mindset about AIDS.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Until The Gay hits really close to home, I think it's easy for certain people to profess all sorts of nonsense about it. It's amazing how ignorance really drives so many people.

Shelley said...

Lean and Green sounds great - but I don't think I could down four hard-boiled egg whites, either.

Nice of you to do the AIDS walk. I can imagine what it is like in SD - it's not much better here in Texas.

justme said...

yes, you definitely will not be buying your eggs at the store anymore! let me know what you think of the movie!