Happy Feet Friday

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I ran.
It was lovely.
I can't wait until I do it again tonight.
My feet are truly happy.


KT said...

YAY! No pain at all?

Helen said...


I had the best run myself this morning. Albeit on the treadmill because it was 60 degrees and pouring when I got up. (The weather is insane here - tomorrow freezing again). Sigh. Anyway, I was flying along and wanting to go faster and all was well with the world. Fastest I've run in a good long while.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Chris K said...

I like this post. Short and sweet. My feet are happy too. Yeah! However, I am about to embark on a long run so keep your fingers crossed :-)

kilax said...

Yay! I hope it was completely pain free!

MsDarkstar said...


Jen said...

:) made me smile :)