My True Love

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I need a new book to read. I finished Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes last week.
I finished Alone in the Kitchen With An Eggplant a couple days ago.
I re-read Katherine by Anya Seton last weekend also.
She's the reason I like historical fiction so much. I have all her books.
I read Drinking: A Love Story a couple weeks ago.
Shelley is sending me a running book, but it's not here yet.

I need new books. I read every single night. It's part of the Amazingly Long Routine That Must Be Followed In Order To Sleep. And nothing is catching my eye. Magazines don't work. It's got to be a book. I've been re-reading textbooks that I found interesting. That's how bad it's gotten. I need help, internet. Reading is my one true love.



Anonymous said...

Hey Kate - I'm moving and I have a ton of books that aren't coming with me. Email me your address ( and I'll send a box out to you (if you want'em).

Malaise Inc said...

The Bear Went Over the Mountain" by William Kotzwinkle.


No one, and I mean no one can read this and not smile. I'd send you my copy, but I think I am going to re-read it.

Anonymous said...

I go through spells where I can't find a good book too. I loved Tana French's In the Woods. Scary!

The Good Cook said...

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest
Read them in order. LOVED each one.

I have tons of books... want some? I used to have your address - but resend it to me. Books, coming your way!

KT said...

I agree with the PP. The Millenium trilogy was AWESOME. I couldn't put them down. I also recommend:

Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction (Sheff), Hawaii (Michener), The Help (Stockett), Little Bee (Cleave), Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America (Ehrenreich), The Devil in the White City (Larson), Kitchen Confidential (Bourdain), Running with Scissors (Burroughs), Bel Canto (Patchett) and The Namesake (Lahiri).

Bob said...

Anything by Terry Pratchett.

Meigan said...

I'm reading Let My People Surf right now. It's pretty good.

Holly said...

Did you ever dig into Jen Lancaster? Maybe b/c she has a mouth of a sailor, as do I, I dig her shit.

Can do mom said...

I love to read, too. For some funny reason, recommending Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" comes to mind. It's laugh out loud funny.

I just went to a library used book sale today. I need more books like a hole in the head but came home with a box full.

One that looks promising: Mrs. Appleyard's Winter Kitchen by Louise Andrews Kent.

Call me Kate said...

For when I want to laugh: "Me talk pretty one day" or anything by David Sedaris

For when I want to cry: Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes," "'Tis" and "Teacher Man."

Have you read any of these? They are my faves...

Sparkling Red said...

I've never tried this book exchange site, but I've heard good things about it.